Lil Wayne Teaches Meek Mill To Skate


Without pain, there’s no progress. While out in Miami, Lil Tunechi played coach and shared his skillful skateboarding technique with Meek Mill. Picture him rollin’—or falling.

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  • michelle
  • Facts

    both of em are gonna be irrelevant in 12 months

    thank you kendrick

  • Black Shady

    a weirdo…and a confused nigga

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Cass got Meek skating now HAHAHA.

  • yoboi345

    lil wayne the great

  • Philly

    The commentary on this needs its game stepped waaaaaaaaaay up, it sounds awkward

  • This is beyond gay

  • Strong Johnson

    Somebody need to teach these niggas how to rap