Nardwuar vs. Trina


Trina was recently out in Vancouver and was invited to the Fortune Sound Club. During her stay, she ran into Nardwuar who came bearing gifts. Looks like she came with some too. Oh yea.

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  • yum yum on my tounge

    I’d definitely eat Trina Cunt Fritter!!!

  • Genesis

    Cunt fritter? Is that what the kids are calling oft visited vaginas these days?

  • derk

    Nard knows his stuff. Legend.

  • derk

    Trina is cool too. Real and down to earth.

  • yizzo kiddo

    @genesis…..nope, it was a play on words. She was saying “conch fritters” (as in the food) and @yumyum took that and changed it to cunt fritters…..tbh the way she was saying conch it kinda did sound like cunt a lil bit.
    I get it….but whatevs

  • yizzo kiddo

    and Trina is still bad as fuck….I don’t know what the mileage on that pussy is but I’d take it for a spin around the block ASAP!