Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Cover


Marshall revisits where it all began on the cover art of his next album. MMLP2 drops November 5.

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  • Hallleerrr

    CAN’T WAIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

  • shady13

    OH MY GOD, I’m so emotional right now…

  • ship

    Yes!!! Now show us that tracklist

  • the truth


  • thirdeyijimmy

    zzzzz..wit that weak ass single…sincerely an Em fan.

  • mikey

    dope cover

  • Pretty dope cover though.

  • nacht

    simple and solid cover, this gonna be the best album of the year

  • DertyKevin

    Not gonna lie, I’m pumped. Look for hate below…

  • Tony

    People, “Berzerk” is NOT weak! He literally does exactly what the song title says during the song. It’s very clever and a great party jam. MMLP2 is going to be EPIC!! November 5th can’t come fast enough!

  • get it right

    i’m tryna hear that “Bitch Please III” 😀

  • zzz


  • Word

    Berzerk is gonna be a HUGE performance song for him, which you cant really say for most of the recovery songs. I hear Berzerk on the radio often and on ESPN at LEAST once per commercial. Anybody that watches ESPN often should know that.

    As for the cover, man. I mean, what can you say? Looks great. Looks like the type of cover that’d belong to a sequel of MMLP. Hopefully the tracklist looks promising and the music lives up to the original.

  • RES 1

    DAAAAMMMMMNNNN can’t fuckin wait!!!! nov 5!!!!!

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Shits gonna be a classic

  • dmc

    Wish I knew a big word to describe how I feel about this

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    I would’ve rather this been released some time of mid-October, but this is epic! Can’t wait to buy two copies!


    it’s just perfect!!!


    it’s exactly what it needs to be..nothing more, nothing less!!!! I got goosebumps seeing it!

  • respect

    I need to hear this album, November is too far away, the wait is killing me

  • 1234

    really dont have high expectations for this album. a sequel album and then basically an identical cover to the original. em is losing. one of my favorites ever but damn there’s no innovation or growth here. this could be the end for marshall

  • Black Shady

    LOL I bet back in 2000 people were saying the same shit about the “Real Slim Shady” single (as they say for Bezerk).

    Em finna deliver his best album since The Eminem Show. Just watch!!!!!!!

    The King is back!

  • Reginald


  • mackfree

    Hope it doesn’t sound like bezerk that song is everywhere. Its kinda annoying n the rock sound on it is wack but if dr dre is producing it then their is chance of it being a classic like the first one.

  • dat nigga


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niicee ! RESPECT Shady/Aftermath.

  • Shit still makes me nervous. The only sequels (IMO) in Hip Hop worth the title were 2001, OB4CL II, Tha Carter II & Stillmatic.

    I don’t even know if MMLP was his best album anyway, I think it was his best as far as lyricism and impact, but Eminem Show is more cohesive and consistent. Either way, Berzerk isn’t anything to go by, we all know how his first single usually is, but it better be the worst song on MMLP2…

  • tha OG

    Great cover

  • this is hip hop.

  • Wall

    Simple. Dope!

  • after recovery!! this cover art looks great. story of marshall mathers

  • Lets not forget marshall mathers lp has sold over 20 million ..king mathers will never be fucked with

  • Jaime

    Dope cover! Brings back memories of the first MMLP. Now lets get that 2nd single!

  • GOAT

    The cover makes sense…it all makes sense now. The reason Eminem is releasing an album called MMLP2 is because there was unfinished business in his point of view. The MMLP cover was the front of the house. And MMLP2 is the back of the house. So by that I think he meant he walked in the house and never came out. Now he’s gonna finish the business. GOAT

  • N-Slick

    Thats not the back of the house it’s just decayed over the years

  • Starfox64

    Sullying the name of his best album

  • GOAT


    Even if it is or not, My hypothesis still makes sense. Since the door is closed and shut as well as the windows. or…He’s trying to say that this is the end…the last Eminem album. He is officially closing the show.

    Side note: Wheres the explicit sticker at tho? lol

  • Ghostface Killah

    That’s the address of the house right there on the door 19946 Dresden St.

  • GOAT

    Cover would of been more epic with a Eminem in it.

  • Gruesome

    You niggas don’t kno bout this detroit shit. S/O EM for going back to his roots man !

  • boring. more angry poor white trash talk. the first single was weak.

  • Gruesome

    Guy above me is a fucking hater.

  • UnknownUniverse

    This has got me even more excited. Now I just need to see that track list.

  • PistolPistol

    He is whatever he says he is!

  • the penguin

    Its funny how eminems career turned out. After he sobered up people always say hes not as good….but yet they keep buying the albums and 3 post addiction records later the same amount of critics are still here….Sometimes I wonder if thats real criticism or just that we still havent opened up to the fact that eminem makes good music that we dont admit because we aren’t accustoming to our age, he is in his upper 30s what hes going to sound jay? has? He stays true to himself just as much as they have.


  • @the penguin what’s really amazing is ems staying power. I mean it’s an old subject now but it’s still crazy to me how a white dude is in the upper echelon of hip hop and respected by most of his peers. After ten plus years he’ll still sell out a stadium full of people. He’ll never stop being criticized. He’s got the most dick riders. Those who say he can do no wrong. And at the same time he’s got the people that hold his music to an absurdly high standard and expect more out of him than they do their favorite. Funny how a white guy is held to a higher standard than the dudes that created the music

  • The Wise

    This really jus brought me back to the first one!! This shit should be epic..alot of upset at his first single ..but he deserves that pass on bezerek because his album im sure will sound diffrent then that..come u havent even heard a dre beat specificly for this album..the formula as a whole im sure it will be vintage ..marshall


  • yo!

    eminem show his best work

  • Stoner

    In case you all don’t know what’s going on.. Here it Is…. He’s Been Trying To Top His First Albums… so Far He is 2 For 2….. Relapse Beat Slim Shady Lp…. Recovery Beat Eminem Show… Next Up Is MMLP2 Vs MMLP …. The Best One Will Be Redemption Vs Encore… Eminem Is Eminems Only Competition…

  • MENI

    I think the cover is great nothing I see wrong with it at all and he spent more time on this album than recovery or relapse so that shows itll be great. Like the amount of time spent on the beats, lyrics, flow and delivery, he will make sure this is an amazing album. I just feel selfish asking for a tour after all the work he already put in… but … I really want a tour. Anyways im buying a copy at midnight on iTunes then going to target the next morning before my long commute to school to get the physical.

  • Toya

    Now I’m even more excited about this album. The MMLP cover art seem everything seem nostalgic. Now he’s going back but time has not been kind. With everything boarded up, it feels a little eerie.

  • iknow

    o DAMN. its coming

  • Renton

    Em’s new style is horrible… I feel like this is one huge troll job hearing you all talk

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas Is Coming – http://youtu.be/d_dViIyCdnk

  • kingofmyowndestiny

    This is dope. Honestly not a fan of the Single.. lyrics were dope but the beat sounded kinda like it had a little rock in it. I hope this lives up to what it is. But we all know Eminem a lyrical beast so there’s no way it will disappoint.

  • fuck

    is this happening tho??? fuck


  • Eminem always does a good job. Here is also good. But rapping is not solid enough.

    Actually i was expecting something like in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83o-cfoNeTo

  • T.P.G

    ohhh thank goodness. A genuine Hip Hop album.. not this nonsense we’ve been hearing from these other rappers!! #MMLP2 #November 5th. Bring it!!!

  • Evil

    Thats a sick cover.
    I think this will be a dark album.Cant fucking wait!

  • Oz

    Yay more raps about bozos and mc Donalds


    @Oz maybe not your cup of tea.. At least its not tyga big sean meek mills rick ross mac miller macklemore or whoever the third guy in MMG is..(wale not HORRIBLE but pretty bland) rapping about fag rights and in mac millers case rapping about nothing just riding the same beat(thats why he went so out there with his second disc and no one likes it or talks about it because its wack shit and its not the same and he only has 2 MAYBE three flows and people are tired of his stale ass(he could rap about the same things but if yu do it in a diffrent style(not just different beats) people will admire u for ti) money they dont have and wont have in the next ten years.. It won’t just be eminem saying im bad i got a gun ill come in the club with smoke weed dance on the dance floor drink even though the only reason I do that is because my name is on TV because I am a corporate sell out so thats why I can rap like this

  • TheRapGenius

    And here we go.

  • Ridalen

    Stoner had to make thee dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on here. Relapse better than SSLP? Recovery better than Eminem Show? Em got off the drugs…you should too.

  • YUP


  • shayden

    @sneak da geek
    I agree I noticed it on his site couple weeks ago, not only is he king of lyricism he also the king of reinventing himself. this album will serve two putposes. one is to reach this generations youth the samevway he did his hardcore fans ten yrs ago, educating them on wut real lyrics and word play is in the hip hop
    game that iz so warterd down these days with a catchy beat. and two to give his die hard fans a reminder of why he is the best and after all he has been through in the last decade and he still has it and is rdy to take it to the next level. so keep doubtin his ability to perform, it jus makes the triumph that much sweeter!

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    The album cover is the future of America…

  • LickMyTesties

    Hope none of the other songs on da album sound like Bezerk that shit is straight caca

    • Shay

      Actually it was not “straight caca” it was Eminem being Slim Shady ya fucking retard

  • static

    I hope its dope…. and he disses people again. classic album hard to out due but im a eminem fan either way the single is catchy and lyrical and its new eminem but still has that sound that is commerical friendly. its gonna be in alot of movies and commericials.. but i wanna hear dissign and kim shit lol

  • juju


  • Eminem Come To Russia 🙂

  • buk

    Eminem Come To Russia!!! приезжай, заебал, я хуею с тебя нахуй! вовсякие Абу-даби хуяришь , а мы что блять левые?

  • аххах) buk не пугай Маршалла))

  • бук

    а чо он выёбывается?)))

  • бук

    шутки-шутками но КАМ ТУ РАША – пиздец как надо!

  • brza

    if he’s scream rapping throughout the entire album then can’t me out

  • Stoner

    @Ridalen… Yupppppp… Relapse Is Eminems Strongest Lyrical Album To Date… You either didn’t listen to it or you heard it And” like most people” didn’t Hear The Lyrical Effort Put in it… Yes Relapse was Better than SSLP.. Recorvery Was better Than Eminem Show.. It was more Personal About Eminem Not His Mom, Ex Wife Or Kids.. So Maybe If You Grow Up Then You Would Think The Same Thing But If You Are Still Stuck In The Past Then You Would Have Your Present Opinion… FYI Eminem Could Quit Drugs All He Wants… I Ain’t Quiting My Ganja Habit….

  • LOL

    we need a new single, Berzerk ain’t gonna cut it fo me.

  • MrHeat

    I’m quiting with quiting

  • shady13

    I read a comment by someone, stating that Relapse is better that The Slim Shady LP. Now I want to burn my eyes. Jesus….

  • the truth

    ima eminem fan but you stans make me sick yall are really hypin this non innovative cover like this and tryna trick yourselves into believing you like his first single, then you wanna go around and bring up other popular artists to talk down on simply to make yourselves feel good about all of this when in reality eminem while still talented, time is up, and its starting to show just get over it, buy his music, do whatever to support but stop exaggerating with these bullshit posts because im starting to think its only one person doing it

  • Stoner

    Relapse Was Lyrically Better Than SSLP…Yupppp I Said It…

  • buss

    Relapse lyrically is better and more enjoyable than SSLP. Co-sign

  • luigi

    its true, Relapse is lyrically better than SSLP, I also cosign that

  • Stoner

    3Am.. Must Be Tbe Ganja…Bagpipes.. Insane…Hello…UNDERGROUND… Listen To Them, Print The Lyrics, Let It Marinate And Tell Me One Song On SSLP That’s Lyrically Fucking With Them…Yupppp…Any Opposing Answer Justs Proves That You Ain’t Hear All Of Them Or You Ain’t Keeping It Real….

  • illadelph

    Stoner, just quit man. SSLP is a classic, and while I do enjoy Relapse it is no where near as good as SSLP. Not to mention you didn’t even mention the best song on Relapse; Deja Vu. Just because Relapse is cluttered with multis does not mean its good lyrically. Literally every song on SSLP is way more well written than Relapse excluding Deju Vu.




    Ok. Im not stoner pretending to be other usernames. I do not agree that relapse is better than sslp. However.. It is the sequel to sslp. It is also amazing. 4th best CD(wAY FUCKING BETTER THAN RECOVERY wHICH HAD NICE LINE BUT HoRRIBLE delivery) sslp mmlp eminem show in any order you want. Relapse is the fucking shit tho. Hello is in the same spot as my name is as it is its sequel.. “My mom” is inspired by the line (ima make a song about doin drugs andname it after her) it is honestly greatness and I like it a lot. The accents are tight and the CD gives off a vibe of fuck you imma do waht i want while recovery was more so ehhhhhh not enough people bought relapse the first cd after a couple year eminem hiatus. so he sold out and went with big name producers instead of having dre orchestrate a lot of thing(not making beats (Dre hardly does that if ever in his career) but he would put together the cd so it ran smoothly and his input created great cds. Recovery had very little to do with Dre except the song so bad(which is the best song on the album but no one seems to like it who is 25 years and younger)

    TL:DR Relapse isn’t better than sslp but is his fourth best cd after sslp mmlp and eminem show(in any order you choose)

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    washed up try hard flop



  • Stoner

    SSLP Is A Classic, I Get It.. SSLP Is A Better Album Than Relapse.. I Get It…Let Me Repeat Myself For Yhe 5Th Time…… Relapse Is LYRICALLY Better Than SSLP And The Rest Of Them.. Fact!!!!!

  • CHUJ


  • Wall

    This on Vinyl format <– dope af!!

  • dopeaom

    Hope he ain’t gonna scream. Hate that new shit where he has the same angry flow all the time. And all you saying Relapse was better than SSLP, or is his best lyrical work are out of your mind.

    Relapse is his best work since his comeback, but overall his lyricism was at it’s best on Infinite (if you’ve even heard about it) and SSLP and MMLP had better flows than Relapse, but Relapse was great too.

  • ^ good points….the screaming def has to go…for Em its really about beat selection..these alex da kid and dj khalil beats arent right for him.. too pop/rock…he needs that Dre knock or his own beats to compliment his lyrics better. he doesnt have to re-create his old songs..but the right beats and tone and he can make another perfect album…

    Looking for actual beats and not generic sounds with no soul?
    ^real shit

  • Luigi

    @Stoner Recovery didn’t beat Eminem Show unless u talking about chart success (then yes). Recovery has no classic songs but Eminem Show does (Cleaning out my Closet, Soldier, and Till I collapse). Recovery is not a classic album but Eminem show is therefore Eminem Show>Recovery.

  • Stoner

    ^^^ Chart Wise Eminem Show Is Like At 20 Million Worldwide… I’m Talking About Recovery being better Because It Was Very Honest And Personal And The First Album Where He Started Rapping About How Good He Really Is… Eminem Show Is Great As Shit But I just Think That He Was More Sharp And Mature With His Lyrics On Recovery Than He Was In Eminem Show….

  • Stoner

    FYI I Think The Best Eminem Song To Date Is On Recovery.. “You’re Never Over”…. That’s My Shit Forever…


    UM…[email protected]! no it wasn’t …. MARSHALL MATHERS lp was clearly his best sounding album and most succesful. Otherwise he’s wouldn’t make a sequal to it. DUH?!

    The real slim shady, the way i am, kill you, criminal, STAN, KIM, Marshal Mathers…lol ah wake up …

    FUN FACTS:::

    The top-selling albums of the decade, according to Nielsen SoundScan:

    1. The Beatles, 1,11,499,000 units sold
    2. ‘NSYNC, No Strings Attached, 11,112,000 units sold
    3. Norah Jones, Come Away With Me, 10, 546,000 units sold
    4. Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP, 10,204,000 units sold <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    5. Eminem, The Eminem Show, 9,799,000 units sold


    MMLP Nov 5. #WINNING


  • Stoner

    ^^^^This Ain’t A Sales Dicussion Broa.. Talk Lyrics Or Fall Back…

  • Mr.November

    Those gotta be old numbers, thought Eminem show went Diamond last year.


    Em cookin up some hot garbage. Yall gonna eat it up tho.

  • Toys

    The complaints about Em yelling is strange to me. It’s just one of the many he’s capable of IMO. He uses the tone that matches the mood of the song. It’s not his fault that all these popular songs are up tempo, poppy songs thus requiring that voice. It’s more his serious voice which I like. I’m sure he’ll have a couple slow songs and others that are midrange in which he’ll use other inflections and I look forward to it.

  • back to the lab

    dope cover that artwork is old school eminem

  • dopeaom

    @Stoner ”You’re never over”… really? That shit of a song?

    Just because it’s officially dedicated to Proof doesn’t make it a good song. It’s an awful song. Difficult was a better song and a real tribute to Proof.

  • Stoner

    ^^^Shit Of A Song??? Dammm Broa.. That’s Kinda Harsh Being The Fact That The Only Shit Song Eminem Has Made From SSLP To Present Is FACK.. Difficult Was More Specific But I Think Your Never Over Is A a Perfectly Written Song.. I “Think” Is The Key Term..

  • Wall

    Classic on the way?

  • I do agree with Stoner and others who said Relapse is better than SSLP. Relapse is one of those albums were expectations made fans overreact, same shit that’s about to happen again probably.

    But not only is Relapse better lyrically (I think the flow on verse 3 of Stay Wide Awake might be the toughest of his career) but production-wise Dre put his foot in that. They ain’t all quirky, weird Eminem beats, most of them shits just knock. Highly slept-on album…

  • rappers are the new RnB niggas

    kanye is the truth
    drake is a actor
    jay z is old and flabby

  • Stoner

    ^^^Thanks For The Irrelevant Info Gossip Girl.. We Love You….

  • chriskelly

    get real close too the screen and you can see his face like a halogram… closer
    new freestyle over FORBIDDEN FRUIT being releasing tomorrow… check out the trailer over at


  • john Doe

    i smell 1.2Million in the 1st week

  • Bangers N Mash

    Now ya’ll know this is gonna be a classic.