Fight & Line At Drake NYC Pop Up Shop


The best things in life are free. And yesterday afternoon, hundreds of fans lined up outside the Alife store in New York for Drake Nothing Was The Same promo shirts. Supply was limited, but tempers were plentiful. Here’s footage of the throng and a scrap outside the pop up shop.

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  • pathetic just like drakes fans

  • rahrahrah

    Drake fans scrapping. A bunch of slapping bitches.

  • matrix

    Son WTF!! That long ass line is for a free Tshirt? A fuggin DRAKE PROMO T?? shit cray…

  • Peekay

    Fighting over a t-shirt…so sad. Drake does not condone this type of activity.


    seriously, you gotta be such a scrub to fight over a drake tshirt. i wouldn’t even wipe my ass with a drake tshirt.

    this aint hip hop, get the fuck outta here

  • yoboi345

    drake runs rap

  • Donn

    Drake has connected to these ppl in a way alot of sneaker heads line up for a pair of Jordan’s. I respect it cus he’s famous for being himself. His persona is authentic and it’s nice that hiphop doesn’t have to be so hood and hard all the time cus only a percentage of ppl in the world are thugs and come from the hood.

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    yeah drake has connected to people in the same way britney spears and justin bieber connects to people. through bullshit celebrity idolatry and bullshit materialism.

    drake isn’t a rapper he is a popstar. just because customers buy shit doesn’t mean that shit is worth buying. there are shitty and stupid people in the world buying bad music and bad merchandise every day.

    please don’t play yourselves, drake is not hip hop, he is a pop star, right next to bieber and lady gaga.

    if you go platinum, it has nothing to do with luck, it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck

  • Facts

    “cus only a percentage of ppl in the world are thugs and come from the hood.”

    also, only a percentage of ppl in the world are gay and wear women jeans with a pink shirt

  • DAC miesel

    ^ An even smaller percentage of the world were child stars that grew up to be millionaire rappers.

    Side note:
    You can’t have any free shit in NY

  • Donn

    It’s obvious some of u here don’t like drake that’s cool but to have a mature dialogue and insult a persons preference and music that makes them happy is ignorant. Good and bad music is a matter of opinion but if someone gets joy from someone’s music who are u to take that joy away or make a person feel horrible cus they don’t share ur taste

  • Kaly

    damn, thanks for imposing your opinion on everyone else..

    fighting over a free promo shirt is just ridiculous, and more telling of the youth and what’s important to them I think…I just keep thinking, who wins in the end? certainly not those fighting kids, and that’s sad.

    i’m not a huge drake fan, i’d be the first to call him the softest of the soft, but why exactly would he be considered a pop star, the likes of bieber and lady gaga? when you listen to all of their music, one of them is definitely a rapper. so then i suppose we’re calling drake a popstar because of the demographic he reaches and the numbers he’s able to put up?

    i never heard gaga or bieber rhyme, at least not for a majority of their career…

  • Thank you Donn

  • xxxxx


    Out of the people fighting, one of them is wearing a blue fuzzy sweater, one is wearing a pink buttondown polo and a gym pack for no reason, and the only one that actually threw a punch was female.

    In other words, typical Drake fans.

  • caseyp

    Just download and you will realize its all bullshit songs. Not 1 good beat

  • NorthIvyBlueWest

    This is rap radar blog worthy? Fuckin Harvey Wilson… Smh…

  • Kr

    All FAGOTS! Slapping like bitches, i’m sure that’s how Drake was fighting with Chris.

  • Kill

    Honestly, the album wasn’t very good… Tuscan Leather, Hold On We’re Going Home, Too Much and Pound Cake were the only songs that really stood out.

  • reaLRAPBOI34

    drake is te truth fuck the lames

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    silly kids.

  • brollya

    man fuck all dat its not hip hop and its pop shit…. if its hot den im fuckin wit it and the same reason ya fuckin wit it cuz if ya wasnt, we wouldn see comments from u

    dumb hatin ass niggaz wasting time listenin to a nigga they dont like jus to say they dont lik it
    dats fag shit right there

  • A Girl & a guy in a tight sweater fought while waiting on a line for Drake merchandise

    The jokes sometimes write themselves

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    That damn , angry RAP MUSIC!!!

  • michelle

    y0 DRAKE need to sign B4 KANYE DOES!!!

  • mort

    really a buch of sissy ass dudes fighting over females for a drake shirt . It should be a long line of females not males wanting to wear them drake shirts . Plus they will be all over ebay and amazon soon . people are so lame . Most of the young generation of males are bitches cause they never had a man to raise them .


    drake the type of nigga to point a gun at a civilian on GTA put then controller down and say “no i cant do this”


    drake the type of nigga that come out the shower wid a towel wrapped round his head


    drake the type of nigga that rolls his eyes back when he eats chocolate


    drake the type of nigga that cries after sex


    drake the type of nigga to tell lil wayne “hold my eyebrows back” when hes being sick


    drake the type of nigga to look for a personality category on pornhub

  • Lower East Side Nigga

  • honesty601

    Thirsty ass hypbeasts for a free tshirt lol!!!

  • Jerzzz

    A dude fights a chick over a free t-shirt? You new niggas are pampers type soft.

    @Donn you sir are a faggot. Sit down and shut the fuck up.