Kanye West On Later…With Jools Holland


After crashing Fallon last week, Kanye and Charlie Wilson jetted across the pond to perform their single during today’s Later…With Jools Holland. Yeezus is in stores now.

UPDATE: After the jump, they perform “New Slaves” and “Blood On The Leaves”.

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  • big steve

    damn uncle charlie also kanye looked giddy as f

  • 2Pac213


  • Regular Guy

    why is it so delayed? eh

  • koa29

    Performance with The roots on jimmy fallon was a million times better

  • riDylan

    Check out this music video!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elMO5ojIKnQ

  • gz

    it’ll be interesting to see what formula kanye follows for his career going forward
    it’s clear that the mainstream culture is getting tired of him and the kardashians…
    I wonder what type of capital he still has with true hip-hop heads…in 1998, I could’ve told you he’d be done in hip-hop, but today, I have no clue

  • best song from yeezus.

  • yall niggas must dont have palladia!!

  • DopeMatic3002

    No promo for the album before, but now these performances. Strange. I guess for the tour, which I hope Uncle Charlie goes on too!

  • da fuq iz wrong with this niqqa

  • michelle

    DOPE!! YE NEEDS TO HURRY UP AN SIGN http://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth B4 HE BLOWS.

  • StarFox64

    lip syncing

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas Is Coming – http://youtu.be/d_dViIyCdnk

  • Actually, the song is good. but i think the rap needs to be improved like in the video

    Just an example. Hope you agree my comment.

  • Jay

    That “Blood On The Leaves” performance gave me chills. When Yeezus came out I was like “what the fuck is this shit?!” but months later I’m starting to understand his creative direction for this album and I think it’s brilliant.

  • big steve

    such a god

  • that version of new slaves was sick….thinking about checking out that yeezus tour..

    Looking for actual beats and not generic sounds with no soul?
    ^real shit