New Music: Papoose “Nosetalgia (Freestyle)”


The King of New York returns with more free audio for your music player. Today, he updates our list by taking advantage of Pusha T and his boy Kendrick’s collabo.

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  • herbsaac

    I mean damn pap. I thought you would come with a second song that sounded good as the first. Is this still at Kendrick? Kendrick moved on. It wasn’t even a diss. All the names he named are the top 40 shit not the best rappers. Kendrick scared of real rap he aint scared of mac miller and pusha t(what the fuck happened why is good music a black hole for artists that can flow?). Paps raps are good for ten years ago and this beat wack as fuck. seriously Pusha your brother has better rhymes and he is rhyming about god half the time. Dude No malice cant spit like a mah fucker always has. Always killed all the Clipse records(especially the last one(not including solo LPs)

  • put the mic down pap ain’t nobody tryin to listen to this attention seeking bull

  • herbsaac

    also what the fuck happened to rap as a whole? all these artists jumping on the same songs has me thinking that they are told listen your gonna be a radio rapper. U have to do songs with so and so(radio stars Miley, Kendrick wayne ross and so on and yadda yadda) if you fall off and cant make it like French Montana(worst rapper ever after waka flaka?) then u are forgotten. If u can make a hit with so and so radio star then we will keep promoting you.. Its like modern day slaves.. They pay u to keep the peace rather than speak your true thoughts.. True thoughts might not get u paid by the millis(only to be broke 3-15 years later it happens to all the one hit wonders Tyga, Mac Miller heres looking at you) but at least your raps are respected. Not corny like YMCMB or gimmicky like mac miller, macklemore big sean and shit like that. I hate you new rap fans you let the game get so watered down that every single video and new rapper that comes out is the ExACT LAsT sCENE IN THE MOVIE PAID IN FULL.. If u havent seen it. watch it. If you dont want to watch it YOUTUBE the last scene with **wood harris** explaining HOw FUCKING FAKE sHIT Is NOwADAYs. AND THIs FUCKING MOVIE CAME OUT IN 2002. FUCKING HATE wHAT HAPPENED to rap.

  • poetic assasin

    Rambling for no reason… his track had nothing to do with Kendrick, a beat is a beat. track was decent, nothing special.

  • UptownBachelor

    SOLID!!! He killed it.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ “Be the same cats who made Trinidad James hot.”

  • Gilgamesh

    @herbsaac agreed.

  • Kid

    Uhhh y’all just hatin cause he dissed kendrick, lets let an unbiased person comment on this for once.

    I don’t like papoose, kendrick is my second fav rapper next to eminem.

    That being said, papoose killed this, solid bars and flow, it hit. y’all trippin. Lay off that hater fluid

  • That Guy

    The King of New York….? Excuse me?

  • jimmythirdeyi

    this ass man fuck wrong with yall? pap is nice this is garbage tho.

  • sonny

    this is terrible