TDE Signs Isaiah Rashad


TDE finally let the cat out the bag and announced the signing of Chattanooga rapper, Isiah Rashad.  Here’s his first track and video (“I Shot You Down”) off his forthcoming project. Last month, the label inked St.Louis singer, SZA.

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  • This is the first I’ve heard of dude, but can’t lie, the joint here is nice, guy seems super talented. Interested to see more. Unexpected sound from a Tennessee rapper to be honest.

  • Tough

  • thirdeyijimmy

    sound anything like kendrick sign right here…lol

  • Maybe a lil but I’m ready to hear some Down South Lyrical Rappers .

  • Dashing

    Definitely has a Kendrick vibe to him, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • iHELLnawh

    why dotn they add chance the rapper

  • who

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I’ve seen this movie play out a dozen times.

  • That Guy

    Because chance sucks

  • Donn

    I think Young Money and MMG we’re successful because they had stars that had their own sound. Signing a bunch if rappers who sound like you doesn’t sound like a winning strategy. But he has talent but sounds like Kendrick

  • joy road killa

    Kendrick lil bro? here we go with the bad moves….break ab soul or q or jay rock then sign some new artist TDE..we dont need a kendrick jr yeah dude can rap and he’s from the south so what still a jv Kendrick…its still Kendrick and The St Lunatics…fuck it they had 4 chances and Kendrick popped off the rest will just be rappers on tde…smh

  • ualreadyknoo

    it wouldve been dope to have KRIT on their roster.. cause Def Jam aint doing sht with him

  • Black Shady

    his sound matches theirs, but is it really a good thing? how u gonna distance yourself from the rest…

    not impressed with this song.

  • Donn

    I agree, they should sign Vic Mensa, maybe Chance The Rapper, or KRIT. Theres a list of ppl they could probably get but then again their might be some politics to this

  • Reginald

    Rumored to be TDE’s next artist…Raw,Lyrical, True Stories,Punch Lines,Club Songs,Dope Producer,Writer And He’s From Alabama…Kenny Thomas (Tha Beat Bully) –

  • CK

    Shit. This guy is nice. Definitely has a bright future in front of him

  • CK

    Still can’t believe it. Been years i’ve heard something this good from a new signee…Maybe since drake’s so far gone or J cole’s warm up…and this sounds better than any song on their album this year. Who’s the producer too? damn

  • 20 seconds into the verse I knew the comment section would be fulla “he sound like Kendrick” ass niggas. There some validity to that argument, but that doesn’t mean dude ain’t dope. Hell, you can’t tell me all them niggaz in Onyx didn’t sound similar, or that Big Boi and Andre didn’t share a thread at one point.

    I like what I hear, let him cook.

  • .

    Uh how does he sounds like Kdot? Think ya’ll channeling Helen Keller, seriously there are more critics here than Rolling Stone ever had i’m just glad that we back on that good music vibe

  • GOD

    Clearly all the wack ass coments about him sounding too much like Kendrick don’t understand what Kendrick is trying to do with the label, and I’m sure everyone else had equal say in the matter. K. Dot is trying to bring in certain artist that reflect a certain perspective from the areas they are from. The whole shoot em up bang bang thing has been played out for years now. TDE is trying to bring creativity to the genre and originality and they are trying to shine light on the type of people that don’t normally get any shine at all because they don’t fit in a box. I mean this is the first song I’ve heard from this guy but I would listen to this over any meek mill song any day or night.

  • Gilgamesh

    TDE definitely has a good A&R team. this kid is dope, reminds me of them old rap city days when that one random video would come on and you’d be like “there’s something about this cat…” . looking forward to hearing more from this point on. and yeah he sounds nothing like Kendrick. this is a sign of where the industry is headed. TDE will be the dominant force come summer 2014 that’s for sure. well if schoolboy and AB deliver.

  • Donn

    I think y’all ignoring what’s in ur face. He does the same vocal inflections. He does the double harmony rap like Kendrick where u rap in a regular voice and vocalize in the background. Same ambient beat selection. C’mon man

  • Tdot

    If you claim to like hip hop and don’t think this is dope you are fuckin tasteless

  • TheRapGenius

    good to see they finally formally anounced this. I have been waiting ever sense rosenburg let it loose. A lot of the people that he has around him are good to and are in need of some Hype. Check out YGTUT, he got a pretty dope flow. Case Arnold is another one who is alright, all from the Tenn area

  • StarFox64

    wtf did dude have a helicopter how he get those visuals??

  • Reginald


  • Los

    @StarFox64 — probably just a quadcopter with a stabilized articulating camera mount.

  • LickMyTesties

    This shit raw

  • Third Eye ST

    Great shots in this vid! Nice hook and energy.



  • Sway215

    Such basic comments. “Sounds like Kendrick”, y’all obviously don’t see how different they’re. I concede the inflections in their voices at times and thats it. You all are stating similarities in their rap styles as tho Kendrick invented them. Hiphop has been around for 40 years. Kendrick bit off Em, Kurupt, & Pac (to name a few). Like, K Dot is that dude, my current favorite, but get off that nigga nuts!!! Kendrick has consistently spoken from the perspective of the aware reserved street kid that lived (and even was involved a small amount, not that it was necessarily his choosing) in street life but never succumbed. His verses always at arms reach of the streets but far enough he spoke on it as though analyzing a paintings in a gallery. Isaiah Rashad is brash, much more angry, reckless and loose with his tongue. He more so personifies the kid who was acting reckless. The video is supposed to paint that picture (obviously). His entire aura is nothing like Kendrick/s more shy thinking man persona. He’s much more “I don’t give a fuck” and thats obvious in his lyrics. He blatantly says “I ain’t tryna be no freshman I’m chilling, cause they’ll bring a knife to the fight & not kill em”