• cassius


  • 3

    This beat ain’t right for Ja Rule.


    Man this dudes career could have went so different if he and 50 didn’t beef and if he kept up the same style after Venni Vitti Vicci. such a good cd. Then such a sellout which made him lose his street cred. He has it back alittle bit after a stint in the clink but rap fans aren’t into the original sound of rap(what made it huge biggie/pac/nas style. They just want something thats fabricated and bullshit. Man Ja you fucked up. This song nice though and the other one he put out is as well. I hope this man can sell some records again but since the rap fans nowadays basically want him to do all the songs he did back in the day(all that lovey dovey soft bullshit drake style) his approach coming back with good thug music wont do it.

    Too many fags wearing skinny jeans liking rap now claiming it as their own. We built rap up by buying albums in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Now people just torrent that shit and the only shit that see’s sales are the niggas that look like models because women are the only people who still buy records and thats who the record execs want you to cater to as an artist. (macklemore might be indepenent and is his own entity but prays on gay peoples and womens emotions to have successful music.. I see more similarities between him and the devil than I do between hova and the devil tbh)

  • RobLo

    Thats Rihannas Beat….song is ok….but JaRule songs hungry and I like that……Sounds like a comeback to me

  • RRCoolJ

    He’s on the right track but this one ain’t it.

  • i see Ja is desparate for that comeback, keep the hard work and one of these songs might be a hit

  • mu

    Good shit!!

  • get it right

    Sounds like Gangsta Gibbs to me, I could hear them on a track together!

  • JA JA JA errythANG

  • b.i.g

    beats are trash

  • tha OG

    Good track

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

  • LOL

    at least the hunger’s there, but it’s the same stuff thats being played on the radio

  • Mr Opinion

    This is dope he still got flow & this is the sound thats out right now… he killed this & he rappin NIGGA!

  • jose

    ja rule is back, good shit,good flow, dope…….

  • Tim

    Lol this is drakes flow… Someone is a wannabe.

  • MrHeat

    @Mr Opinion: Lol, you think he would lose the flow? It’s not something you lose. It’s in you forever. Now it’s about him making the right decisions and positioning himself right in the game so he don’t get knocked over again. Dude is doing good but i still think he needs to return to his old style. Revive that J-Lo bitch and get her to do another hook. Then do a few pussy raps and sell millions again. Dude can repeat his trick over and over…

  • *Listens to Bump Heads*

    Looking for actual beats and not generic sounds with no soul?
    ^real shit

  • asmodeus ashmadi


  • brza

    this is actually a decent club record

  • the truth

    The sad thing is this is better than 95% of the trash thats out there

  • Dashing

    It’s not bad.

    Ja might want to go waaay back though and hop on like a Premo cut or some classic NY shit just instead or trying to be on that 2013 shit.

  • King

    niggas better recognize dork is Ja’s son

  • truer

    Rule York this dude is killing eerrthang Ja is back

  • Flow ain’t bad, the beat just ain’t all that.

  • i glad ja is back and fuck 50 cent