Rick Ross & DJ Self Perform At MMG Weekend


Rick Ross turned his Miami hometown into his playground for the first MMG Weekend. This evening, he held a pool party at his crib and performed a medley of tracks alongside Power 105.1’s DJ Self. Swim good, folks. Self Made 3 in stores now.

UPDATE: RevoltTV footage.

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  • LMAO! no-games GTA V is a good one tho

  • poverty raps

    Mediocrity Music Group

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    drugdealer/hipster shit


  • bk2chiraq2dtown

  • michelle
  • Likeforrealtho

    This nigga is naming himself michelle while promoting that garbage ass clone on every post. Go the fuck away nigga. No one gives a fuck about love at first sound. Go play outside and get off the pc nigga. Get a job or something.

  • Raihan kabir

    This is most hip post thanks

  • Mr Opinion

    Look at all those dick riders around Ross
    niggas don’t know the lyrics & that dj acting like a groupie also!

  • jose


  • productofme

    DA UNION DJs in that bish. I see you Will. I see you Self.
    BX Stand Up. 718 to 305

  • donny!!!

    Oh my god another mmg post stuck at the top. If you follow Brian on twitter you would know he is there. William had to invite rr to keep them happy and thank them for all their hard work. And Brian says they dont favour mmg.

  • brollya

    dis shit look dead as hell….. everybody standing around
    u can hear a pin drop on the ground

  • MrHeat

    Sumbudy bring ross a sammish!!!!

  • wouldve been dope if he was performing by the pool doin his thang on the mic