• CrazyShit

    Joel went in so did Crook

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

  • gtfo

    Good Shit.

  • Likey Like

    Crooked! Good thing he went last, he killed it….sounded like a free too, “on ya 3rd eye, I graduated to my 4th one” ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • i dont doubt whatever Just Blaze is cooking up for them…curious to see how the album comes together…a classic feature on MMLP2 could set up a release for top of 2014…
    p.s. Crooked I is good at rapping.

    Looking for actual beats?? I got that track # 2 or middle of the album song.
    ^real shit

  • MaryBMcNair

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  • t whip

    if yall listened to apex predator ud know crookeds verse is from that mixtape. (my gun go) fake ass fans commentin like u know. “o man i think crook did a freestyle lol.”

  • PistolPistol

    That’s not even a beat … Wtf. Corny ass music
    Slaughter needs that horror vibe

  • Therealist

    man this was shitty, idk what wrong wit east coast but they been off an slackin

    shitty name drops shit put together for attention

    nothing real here folks

    psh niggas ganna be hungry come winter cuz massa wont beable to give em a check

  • nacht