• Breakfast Club top 5 as far as being great interviewers !

  • @LRG1906

    “You Heard that Ye….”

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    J.cole is scared of Kdot, and he claims he likes competition where is the aggressiveness, Yeezus actually had a better lp , way more creative, jcole 1st joint was crack this 1 is BORING

  • LR

    somebody get cole to an orthodontist STAT… and charlamagne knows if they could have gotten Ye at the iheartmusic festival they would have

  • Black Shady

    How is he scared of K.dot???? First they homies and second Kdot didnt come at him

  • troof


    im sure the radio audience wants to hear Black Skinhead


  • LR


    you right…they’d rather hear “crooked smile” and “power trip” 56894523 times a day

  • troof


    that’s EXACTLY what iheartradio festival means

    educate yourself

  • Jav

    Who ever said his first LP was better than his 2nd is a dumb ass.

    J Cole is just J Cole and this is 2013

    people gotta stop acting like a real rap beef is going to happen leave that with your xxl tees and fubu jerseys.

    yeah iheart radio is basically a concert for nickelodean kid choice award fans.

    you see the crowd during the Drake performance? I bet they’d act more excited to see Ryan Seacrest than they were to hear Drake perform.

  • Muggsy B

    @ LR, he’s caking off his crooked smile now, so there’s no need. He Danny Brown status with the grill now. LOL @ u haters.