• reaLRAPBOI34

    salute to him for being a my and doing his time for his crime

  • Donn

    When keeping it real goes wrong

  • you dummy

    @Donn…..REAL SHIT!

  • Devante

    That’s crazy wasn’t he like 16 or 17 when he did it?

  • Willy Lump Lump

    He needs to work on those 16 bars. Damn near fell asleep. R.I.P. to the innocent victim..

  • Coney

    What a dumbass. I can see if he had nothing to live for but he had kids. He took himself away from his own family. He should’ve just went to a therapist or something. Jackass

  • atown don

    Kids COCAINE is a hell of a drug! Please dont do drugs…. Let G Dep & DMX be your examples…. Damn the egg in the skillet frying…. This nigga here is a true definition of your brain on drugs! ANY QUESTIONS

  • Leanin’

    I Think because he was broke and Fucked up he figured All burden of survival and taking care of Kids would be Lifted if hes LOCKED UP. I know it sounds crazy, but Plenty dudes Get locked up cause they Cant Survive out Here. Bless him though. smdh

  • mbrown101

    I respect him for doing that, Outside looking in he looks crazy but we don’t know what he deals with living with guilt everyday salute

  • really 23

    Dummy should’ve just went to rehab… 15 banger is real…

  • thugsareover

    he did the right thing pay for your sins

  • Must’ve been hard wearing that shit on the mind. Should be even harder to understand how shit didn’t pop off at Bad Boy.

    Puff fucked around and turned his two biggest hits into posse cuts that helped sell that P. Diddy & the Family album more than G.Dep’s album. That G.Dep album is an underground classic by the way, real slept-on…

  • creo

    Niggaz never did time so they think he did the rite thing.foh he should went 2 church n lived his life.he gonna regret dat shit nigga kids growing up wit no father sad situation. I remember his verse on gangstarr moment of truth album.what a waste of talent

  • How Wonderful…

    I still feel that he did the right thing. G Dep is a man in my eyes simply because he took responsibility and accountability for his actions. He may be away from his family, but believe it or not, im sure he sleeps easier at night. Some of yall dont understand what he did because you may lack integrity, but I hope with age comes wisdom for some of yall cats.

  • How Wonderful…

    …sidenote, the song “Everyday” on his album was one of the realest songs ever. If you dont know it look it up.

    • B.Dot

      @How Wonderful…I agree. Classic record

  • derk


  • JeezyOverJesus

    French Montana in the background @ 3:39