New Music: Chamillionaire “Don’t Shoot”


Chamillionaire is back on the scene blows and returns this evening by letting off his brand new single. The track will be available for purchase on iTunes at midnight. Don’t shoot!

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  • MrSkeezyMak

    Cham spittin that truth

  • Gambino


  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ All facts.

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    That was surprisingly ILL!!!


    Cham never disappoints but sadly no one will care. sigh


    cham been coming with great music for a straight year now, dude is on his grind

  • Mo

    This joint reminded how underrated Chamillionaire really is. Dope joint flow is crazy on this.

  • JoeySadAss

    dope cam spitting


  • José

    Chamillionaire one of the best in the game, this song is very dope, real rap.

  • Monelisa of hiphop


  • Your Life Is A Lie

    If he was your typical industry-dyck sucking faggot he would be on the top tier of the mainstream rap game. But because he went to war with Universal and made that anti-cop hit record he’s been deliberately shunned. Dude should team up with Tech N9ne and do a joint venture

  • Steve

    Some real commentary on this banger.

  • UptownBachelor


  • boog

    damn I gotta stop sleeping on dude for real

  • The Wise

    I aint gonna front he used to be cool but since his 1st album this guys gotten dramaticaly worse! That why he wont ever pop again…his production on that last tape aswell was dreadful!! Jus fade to black already son!


    Cham loooks like a skinny 50 cent

  • cant wait for poison chamillitary

  • James Marlar

    This song is on repeat, he killed it

  • Evelina

    Chamillionaire really showed us his genious mind with this song. He can not only get great beats to rap on, his lyrics are just plain dope and he sure did bring us some fire this time. 10/10.


  • Jay-T93

    Just waiting on poison now….. 😀

  • Dios

    It’s funny that this shit is easy for Cham ahah. Greatness in da building, Ain’t no body outraps him

  • Eden

    Cham is just heating up for Poison… can’t wait..

  • Stephen T.

    Dope song … can’t wait for Poison … go support on ITunes!

  • BJLJBranded

    Heartfelt song right here. I like how Chamillionaire tied the ‘Popular’ subjects of today (Molly And Twerking) with the real issues happening in our world. (Drones, Air strikes, Racial injustice, and so on)

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    His flow is just too sick mayne. Great message on this song. Chamillitary

  • Alex Godoy

    Koopa displays what a southern lyricists is all about. Fake rappers duck!

  • Grant Moore

    Cham is so underrated it’s sad. Maybe not best rapper ever butbest flow yes

  • South

    King Koopa real shiii, respect all de way from Africa #POISON