New Video: Future “Shit”


Directed by Alex Nazari, Future’s got shit on lock in his brand new video. Better think twice trying to cross Future. Y’all got some nerve. His Honest album drops November 26.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Appropriate title for a song and artist. It sums up his entire career/catalogue.

  • the truth

    No wonder this is called Shit. How does this bullshit even get the green light to be released? Rap is so watered down and garbage now. These guys nowadays make dudes like Ja Rule seem like a G.O.A.T. SMH this would be laughed at and clowned on in the era from 92-03. These guys need to step their game up

  • TUSON87

    Since rap embraced the south we have been forced to listen to SHIT.

  • Bowtie_fly

    The beat is some good shit though.


    this song grew on me. This shit bangs. Haters gonna hate tho

  • I Don’t Believe In Our “FUTURE”


  • Mar-tian


  • Yo Mama

    its shit

  • Picasso Micheaux

    I don’t mean to give the wrong impression, but…
    What types of messages are these labels paying the Black artist to promote?
    And why is he saying yes to the offer?
    This is some desperate, crab in the barrel shit …
    Under these circumstances, the music was just a beautiful BS lyrics transmission system..
    People REALLY dying out here…
    Dude sounding like he Death’s cheerleader…
    This ain’t locker room/club music, although they’re gonna play it there…
    This some drive-by, kill a nigga music…wow

  • Fiyah

    Too easy.

  • realtalkbru

    wck ass fuck what happend with future tony montana? same damn time etc? GTFOH nigga fallin of strugglin to make bangers lol sad

  • Willy Lump Lump

    This shit has to stop!!! Horrible! A waste of studio time..

  • someone

    I wanna hear from someone who actually enjoys listening to this dude because I really don’t get it.

  • LOL

    this niggas entire catalog is SHIT, how can people take him seriously?

  • Jojo

    wreckless as fvck. reminded me of pac for some reason. not in terms of musical talent or rapping ability. just crazy and dangerous shit that people might get killed over. do people support this?

  • really 23

    this shit is crazy… fufture sound like uncle luke on this one…

  • Kia

    Future is just making a buzz just like ms tongue stick out Molly it sells and they doing so much killing now days this is water under a bridge period he has good music it’s just one song

  • emittx

    the labels and execs have niggerized rap music, black artist have to act like monkeys because monkey see monkey do. black people better wake up they want us extinct by 2069. anytime you give positive music to black people it touches our chakra’s (google the fucking word) and we automatically feel proud of who we are and no longer become scared of what we are against, we had public enemy, james brown, tupac all the most influential and most artistic in their craft. do yall see a pattern? come on the million man march went down in 1995 1 million black men together now you give us rick ross, flocka, gucci, young money, 2chanz, 50 cent, jeezy there is no way something so great could ever take place again. our CHAKRA’S are being fucked with in the most evil way. 2069 is our DEADLINE WAKE THE FUCK UP NIGGAS!! study DR. UMAR JOHNSON and PROFESSOR GRIFF

  • Brown Sparta

    Nigga like this hook make me wanna TAKE A SHIIIIIIIT

  • Dsunn

    title fits

  • This guys a gangster? I cant believe i watched this whole video. I must be slowly becoming brain dead