DJ Khaled Donates $10K To School


DJ Khaled put his best foot forward this past Friday and surprised Florida’s Miami Norland Senior High School with a $10,000 donation. The money will benefit the school’s music and band initiatives.

Miami Norland principal Reginald Lee saluted Khaled and 99 Jamz program director Derrick Baker, who is a graduate of the school. Lee stressed the importance of extracurricular activities, noting that participation in sports and music programs gives students the confidence to excel in the classroom. “They need something to feel good about, and this will definitely do it. That’s a great donation they gave to the band program and we definitely need those funds,” Lee said. “We have all these extracurricular activities kids can be a part of — drama, music and chorus — and then, you know, with budget cuts, this helps us. Those $10,000 are going directly to the band program so we can entice more of our kids.”


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  • JustMyOpinion

    Good deed. Can never go wrong contributing to education, since arts is an important link to creativity.

  • That’s dope to see. Props to him on that.

  • nice plug for his new album

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Uncle Luke put the pressure on him lol.


    lol wtf 10k aint even gonna buy pencils for the kids, nice publicity stunt

  • Fame hungry

    Lol this guy is such a fame whore. His worse than the kardashians. We only know about this because he was on twitter telling everyone ;yo I’m going to a school to give them 10k; and then called a cameraman. Who does that.

  • Giving is great. But 10k? that can only buy a year worth of pencils or a semester worth of ass paper. If anyone knows how donations work,they are a tax write off. He could of gave more, at least 50K that would at least make a small difference. People are stupid if they believe 10k is even a drop in the bucket for Khalid. Dude rocks 10k on his body in one day. Fuck this publicity stunt. The REAL generous people give behind the scenes, they don’t take a photo op.

  • @JustMyOpinion arts? He giving it to band. That is just kids following the leader. No creativity in reading a piece a paper and performing the same songs every year. If he wants to help creativity he should of given it to the theater department or glee club. In band you have to all wear the same outfits and play the same songs. In theater there are an endless amounts of individuality. Being in the school band is not creative unless you’re nick cannon in that drum movie.

  • And I was in band and theater. I played the drums. But theater tech and drama were way more fun and diverse.

  • MrHeat

    He doesnt give a fuck where his money ends up. It’s just cheap publicity for him ahah. 10k lmao. He could have easily gave 100k and still take it out of his taxes IF he even makes that much in reality, lol

  • Brandon

    So y’all donating to your high school or favorite charity? Quit the badgering of somebody else spending the money they earn!

  • LP1031

    ……and 15 to his local strip club, WEEKLY. Step it up Khaled. Sidenote: strippers ain’t the 1’s buying albums

  • derk

    whats 10k to a millionaire. If Im blessed with milions Id be sure the schools in my home would be among the best in the state. kids are the future.

  • blackGod

    check out reverbnation/crownking,NC,SC STAND UP!!