New Music: The L.O.X. “Hood Cake”

Wale In Concert - New York, NY

“I done made a milli, P and Kiss made a milli/ Hood coulda if he wasn’t acting silly…”

The L.O.X. take a slice out of Drake and Hova’s “Pound Cake” for this new freestyle. Sheek’s verse is straight icing.


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  • Facts

    HIP HOP !!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL


  • Only the truth

    I’ve always been a big lox fan but I’m also a realest. Leaving them was the right move for hood. Ye his no where now but he would still be no where with them. They ain’t bosses. They can’t even look after themselves let alone another artist. What happened to all them other Yonkers niggas they were all dope. Bully and I forgot the name of that group they had and the rest. Where are they.

  • Facts

    “Leaving them was the right move for hood”

    ^ don’t take it personal but that’s some REAL bullshit.
    Hood recently regretted leaving himself and tried to apologize, you can find this on WSHH

    You’re probably talking about Team Arliss, 354, and Bucky. Bully is dope. Yeah you’re right they weren’t put on but don’t forget that they are representatives of a then-dying (now almost dead) genre i.e. gangsta rap.

  • Q

    Fuckin fire ..Styles P the most underrated artiste in history not many Fuckin with him

  • Dope. hit me for beats @oneManBeats

  • They know goddamn well wasn’t nobody checking for Hood like that, smh.

    On another note, they been fucking around so long with this third album I’m damn near not checking for them either, what’s the holdup?!

  • Styles was and is before his time

  • JustMyOpinion

    Always a good day when you hear an L.O.X track.


    damn nicas

  • Dope

  • Ricky


  • chriskelly

    “Rill nigga I aint switch up yet” this shit fire straight up
    new freestyle over FORBIDDEN FRUIT being releasing tomorrow… check out the trailer over at

  • chasee

    styles p..nuff said


  • Love it!

  • This shit go hard. Lox need to drop that new album and stop bullshittin

  • Jeezy

    Keep it going lox…feed these streets.

  • brollya

    Team arliss and all dem still d block bra
    get ya head out of all dis mainstream shit and u a find some d block shit…
    they jus krrp it way to hood
    niggaz don’t care bout the fame.

  • crazy8

    What mixtape is this on