New Video: Mike Will Made It Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Miley Cyrus “23”


Mike Will is the new kid in school.  And with Miley, Wiz and Juicy J in attendance, the classmates help bring the pep rally alive in the producer’s new video. Est. in 1989, Pt. 3 coming soon.

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  • joy road killa


    • Sam Robilotta

      except for the comment you left you mean?

  • Jay

    What is happening…??? I don’t understand…




    Mike will feeling himself too much.. every producer thinks they should be the hot shit because they make the beat thats makes nod our heads.. well. without the artist they are nothing. nada. zip zilch. Dude is going the lex luthor or whatever that dude who was hot for a second and isn’t anymore’s name is. I hate when producers try to be all in the videos.

  • DJ Paul

    Lol them Red 9s Mike Will got on just like everybody in this video FAKE! These niggaz got this white hoe Miley thinking she actually fine… This hoe look like the white crackhead trailor park broad in every city…Damn Juice i know money is involved but damn bra…

  • tucq

    This song ain’t that bad. Its playable.

    Its the first Miley song I liked since “U.S.A.” or whatever its called

    • Sam Robilotta

      yeah hook is dope

  • dont be a bitch juicy

  • Meh

    Im sorry but I seriously DO NOT see what the big deal with Miley is…..either her voice and especially her looks! That bitch is NO WHERE CLOSE to being “bad”, bitch got a ass like Hank Hill from King of the HIll cartoon!
    She not sexy, she got NO body what so ever….I think niggaz just desperate to fuck a “yellow bone” bitch or a white chick that they throw away ALL STANDARDS to do so…..I mean we all see fellow blacks and latinos with the MOST HORRIBLE, FAT, CRACKED OUT White bitches out here like they going outta style haahahahahaha shit is sad and hilarious every single time ahahahaha

    • Sam Robilotta

      ok you gay lol

  • Lol.

  • She straight using this dude and he even know it Lol.The funny thing is Miley is gonna benefit more from this than Mike Will.

    • Sam Robilotta

      what the hell are you smokin? Miley has #1 and #2 songs right now in the country. Who are you even talking about?