Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw Documentary


With Karen Civil riding shotgun, Nipsey Hussle gave her a tour of his Crenshaw neighborhood. Afterward, he discussed his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama. Checkout the tracklist after the jump.


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    We don’t need to know how many people died in the hood, because we already know
    Gangsta rap is the most intelligent and informative music there is if it let’s itself be.

  • tha OG

    Nipsey should sign to TDE!!!!!

  • embark

    dont think they could afford him….

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas Is Coming –

  • tucq

    Crenshaw & Slauson ain’t no joke. I remember when they called it Death Row back in the day. I don’t live there anymore but Nipsey ain’t lyin. I lost homies on the Shaw too

  • Rip

    @ Embark, you cannot be serious??? Lol…. Nipsey is that good…

  • rich rollin

    Nipsey need 2show where he got knoccd out at behind the master burger. The big homie big u put hands on nipsey. Nigga aint no real 60 like dat. cuz was a buster at crenshaw high now he neighborhood nip lol smh rappers is actors these days.

  • Obama

    The original title of this 5 minute long “documentary” was “Look Mom, I Got A Benz”… But Mercedes didn’t want anything to do with this little dude.. Not sure that Crenshaw does either..

  • blackGod

    check out reverbnation/crownking,NC,SC STAND UP!!