DMX On Dr. Phil


“Unless you know what you talkin’ about, you shouldn’t say it”

Earl is set to appear on Dr. Phil this Wednesday. In our first look, we get a clip of his $1 million debt in child support and recent streaking incident. Hopefully, this interview doesn’t end up like Iyanla‘s.

UPDATE: Full episode.

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  • Black Shady

    oh god………….

  • jresh78

    This will not end well….

  • Donn

    So watching someone suffer for our entertainment smh. Hollywood is trying to kill DMX. And they gon make up some story and we gon believe it

  • 2nutz!!

    that nigga still wildin’..smh…”c’mon son”

  • Evil

    Hollywood aint tryna kill anybody.Stop being a drama queen faggot.
    DMX is on Dr Phil because he wanted to do it.He probably needed the money

  • That screencap isnt the most flattering……….

  • Donn


    Faggot? What’s with the disrespect. If u don’t share my sentiment that’s cool. I seen this play out with a lot of celebs. The media actually has death stories prepared for celebrities. Research. They anticipate and plan this shit

  • reaLRAPBOI34

    dmx get it together

  • Just Saying

    DMX of 1998 isn’t walking through that door

  • This shit is all cool until we wake up one day and find this nigga dead. Can’t help a grown man who don’t want any though..

  • ruffryder

    I so sad this breaks my heart he looks 60.. stop doing drugs

  • T.P.G

    dont know why X is entertaining sh*t like this though. SMFH

  • BrenBren
  • Morris Day Laugh

    That could have gone a lot worse

  • Eugene

    Hey Dr. Phil…this doesn’t have to be answered on TV but if anyway possible hope DMX gets this message:

    DMX is a very talented artist, one of my favs….we all have our issues just because he’s famous does not exempt him, I would just like for him to get right and go back to basics…just think about what is really worth living for…by no means I’m judging him…like all of us we will meet our maker..just get it together Dogg!!! Yes you’re keeping it real but continue to go one day at a time. I wish you luck. Dr. Phil is a deep kat…off camera reach out to him. Much love

  • LOL

    X is a legend, dope intervew

  • DK

    “Why are you having so many children?”
    “Well, I’M not having the children…”

    DMX always has the greatest interview quotes. My all-time favorite is “What’s that, a TV show?” when he was asked if he liked ‘Watch the Throne.

    In all seriousness, he seemed surprisingly put together and coherent throughout that interview, especially when compared to the Iyanla special and all those radio appearances he made last year. Gives me hope. I grew up on X, so I’m always going to root for him.

  • mac DIESEL

    The worst depiction of a man on camera is:

    A) DMX on Dr. Phil.

    B) Elliott Wilson’s hard-on during the CRWN Drake interview.

    C) B.Dot trying to light up a cigar at the Made In America fesival.

    D) Both B and C


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just sad.

  • zzz


  • StarFox64

    damn, hip hop really lost one of the greats (at one point)..

  • BobbyWhite

    you gotta actually watch the interview this isnt sad dmx keeps it real as fuck respect a legend

  • MrHeat

    Somebody please beat up Dr.Phil. Is this fraud even a doctor?

    I mean all ya’ll so easily fooled?

  • monica taylor

    I love dmx. There are holes in hi spiritual. Walk…. talk to T.D. Jakes abouf. Free. WILL



  • DumbassOfTheWeek

    LMAO DMX using “god has a plan” for everything. Yeah I’m a crackhead “god has a plan”, I smoke weed and drink “god has a plan”. This dude is a joke. Complaining because he cant make money because they took his license away because hes drink driving “how I am I supposed to work if I cant drive”, dont fucking drink drive you idiot. I dont feel sorry for this idiot. Great artist in his prime but drugs ruined him but everyone knows that

  • whisky jonez

    going to see him this saturday in PA. saw him last year in baltimore. one of the best performers ever!!!

  • Blaxdon

    I remember there was a time when Jay-Z and DMX were so head to head they were headlining together………….Damn you x ya broke my heart. I’m praying for him though for whatever it was worth. Oh

  • EarthBrain

    Its not as sad as everyone is saying.
    You guys are acting like you know whats good for him. Let the man live and as he says, let Life (God) guide him.
    Appreciate what he has done for rap/hip-hop and show support instead of trying to change him, cause it’s not happening.
    You can only change you, no one else.

  • Blaxdon

    For what it’s worth if you really want to see who dmx was/is supposed to be checking out his performance at the apollo harlem. That was dmx

  • Tec1Nyc

    DMX was that nigga from my childhood. Spoke from the heart and kept it 100 on the mic.
    Breaks my heart to see him like this which is why i ignore all DMX related posts
    I’m afraid to wake up one day to find a DMX found dead due to drug overdose.

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *celebrity* come on bruh, u a clown performing in a circus!!! Whites could care less about u blacks feel sorry for u. Humble yourself mayne and u might get some of what u had back!!

  • kris gemmill

    watched show. I have been through 4 surgeries in four years and been in major pain and depression sense 2006 so I did not know who DMX was. I am 5 years in recovery. It really touched me. He is finding himself. He actually says he loves himself. I can’t say that yet after 5 years of being in recovery. Few things inspire me. This is my first blog. He was very protective of himself. He has to be Loved how he set boundry with his mom. Hope legally realize if let travel and work his income can go up. That system is screwed almost prevents you from working or getting caught up!

    No he really inspired me in my life. Love yourself and don’t be afraid. He has defintely lived life or lives. Now he will have some stories to tell his children and grandchildren. On road in band hard not to drink it just probably the thing but hope keeps on path of letting go of addictions. I want the same.

    I really though it was going to be a tabloid railroad against him. Even though he needs to protect himself. I hope he has positive people in his life who can mento him in his life and career and that he can drop his gaurd listen and learn

  • INTl

    I do forget that fact myself at times, but DMX is one of the greatest to ever do it. Listen to his part on “We’re back” from the Grand Champ Album. That energy is unmatched. Same goes for many other tracks he got.