New Music: Lupe Fiasco “Pound Of Flesh (Paris, Tokyo 2)”

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Music Preservation Project "Play It Forward"

Drake’s instrumental is hot in the marketplace. And following The L.O.X.’s vocal performance, Lupe Fiasco steps to the mic and offers his approach. This may require a few listens.

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  • zzzz…

  • Jav

    Lupe is a spitter but all that extra curricular shii he did made me look at him foolishly. He can rap but eh.

  • rahrahrah

    This is that shit you listen to and decode for your mans n em, but I don’t do that anymore, fun stuff.


    Greatest of All Time!

  • MikeMtz

    Lupe’s raps = Canibus’s raps

  • Toy-T


    Lupe is the greatest!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  • DMVinyourchick

    That’s because lupe ain’t doing it like he used to, I swear he just freestyles everything now, listening to Lu used to be fun cuz he came up with the hardest bars and he had the dumbest flow, hurt me soul and american terrorist 1 were genius I wish he could step it back up

  • kingpush

    This song is amazing. Many people are to simple minded to understand what lupe says. That why his fan base is not that big. This dude got bars for days. One of the best.

  • blackGod

    check out reverbnation/crownking,NC,SC STAND UP!!

  • Jones

    This nigga is the God of lyricalness. One of the greatest of all time!

  • b

    amazing. wordplay, metaphors, and that shoutout at the end

  • b

    they want the old lu back but they missing out on this. there is so many entendres and meanings, how can u not feel this

  • @MikeMtz

    You’re not that bright to compare to two.

    Canibus is AAAAAAAAAAAAAANYwhere near the level of Lupe. The fact that you think so proves that your level of comprehension doesn’t go past words you don’t understand and leaving it at that.

  • I kinda liked lu on this. I actually understood most of it dope sht. Now !!!! check me out tried to spit raw

  • would of never guessed this is where Lupe would be when I first heard him…He coulda been top 10 all time..sometimes the human side overpowers the superhero side.
    ^Beats with a soul

  • lupe alwaqys come hard