New Music: Ransom “Pound Cake (Freestyle)”


Drake’s “pound cake” continues to the feed the game. And before its all gone, Ransom breaks himself off a slice.

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  • JB

    Somebody sounds angry!

  • Tysonz

    Son went in though, I was expectin some lame ol Papoose raps but I fix with this

  • mbrown101

    Ransom goes hard Oct 1st

  • Mikey

    B.Dot weak ass is about to start posting all these lame ass freestyles from this drake song now … smh

  • This shit is Dope

  • Realistically

    Please, Rappers.

    Leave this beat ALONE. It is too masterfully crafted for you to destroy it with your purposeless, aggressive-for-no-reason, uninspiring rhymes. Just leave it be. Please.

  • Please Bitch ass Niggers , stfu , Tell your Rapper to Take it to the Street, oh thats right these niggas is Pussy

  • I like drakes Music nigga But I support Most East Coast rappers, nigga need to get on the Greyhound travel or take nigga to NYC and Pop that shit, Niggas like this talking shit Live in lil ass towns , Fuck you @realisticyGay ass nigga


    he gassed it tho Ransom Pappoose Mr.Kee need to make a group

  • Stacks

    I’ve been listening to Ranz since A Team days ( what up hitch!!!!) Drake killed it and Jay killed it without a doubt . Ransom still has that hunger and he did his thing …..nigga came home and showed he made use of his time in jail ….call it bitter or angry rapper if you want

  • i just to want to hear actual freestyles like back in the older days…

  • Also check “Buck_LGR” another artist from jersey in the rise !
    “Fake Pound”

  • Peekay

    Am I the only one that thinks this beat is wack?! I think Ransom’s a great MC but let’s hear a rhyme over something different, please.

  • Peekay

    @Realistically – this beat is uninspiring. So dull and Jay was so lazy on the original. Leave it alone. #overrated


    dope shy my nicca dope shyt

  • The beat cool, the worst part is the faux-scratching, smh. Only on a Drake album does scratching and mixing sound soft…

    But Ran can spit. He’s definitely dope. It’s just some niggas pop and some don’t.

  • Gee Ness

    nah dude did his thing but it’s nothing serious compared to what my homie Devine Carama did to it. y’all gonna be like who the F is this dude but trust there’s two dudes is Lexington, KY nicer than that and that ain’t disrespect cause Ransom is legit…

  • Gee Ness

    peep this by my homie Devine Carama. best version on this beat by a landslide…