Kanye West vs. Paparazzi At Home


This sure is getting out of hand. Hours after Jimmy Kimmel‘s response to Kanye, paparazzi confronted him outside of his house at 4.AM. Luckily, no physical altercation took place.


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  • TheCritic

    Boundaries officially been crossed

  • bruh

    yeah honestly I don’t care who it is, this is fucked up. get off his property. people show up at your house at 4am and you will probably do way more than he did up there. honestly no one on the damn planet is dying for a picture of him going to his car in the middle of the night. leave him alone, hes right theyre pretty much bullying him. we all know kanye isnt a tough gangsta guy, leave him be

  • Ye should’ve fucked shit up. No one would be mad at that.

  • Steff

    Trespassing maybe?

  • DMVinyourchick

    Rofl 4 in the fucking morning??? Why???

  • Musikal

    He officially could whup they ass for trespassing. That’s a damn shame that someone come on your property just for a fucking picture at 4 in the morning. How desperate could you be.

  • kingofmyowndestiny

    Fuck that Id start scraping. You cant be on someones property taking pics. TMZ probably had a master plan thinking Kanye woud start swinging and shit would back fire. Idk.. 4am.. this is just pathetic. Anyone would be just as pissed if not more.

  • str8 business

    Kanye Take the Bait all the time, he’s the ass… Shouldn’t we all be askin how did they get pass his fence or security to get that close 4 in the am.. thats kind of strange. And this is part of being famous.. Papparazi will try to follow you. That how they make a living. Can’t knock the hustle. Somethin don’t add up tho. I don’t believe I can jus walk up to lil wayne or Jay Z or Eminem or dr. dre’s house and get in his garage without being contested..

  • fuck the paps

    These little lowlifes are purposely trying to.L provoke him and piss him offf… they know damn right they dont needa do it. Then TMZ and that little pussy that runs it act like little bitches when somebody like ye has enough. Damn yall like he said get a profession with some respect.. they just had a baby damn yall give them some space. I dont get why these paps get so protected these assholes needa get put in check from the legal system at least. That shit aint right and it aint funny.

  • Demus

    Yo! Kanye should pay someone to follow that jerk paparazzi all day and expose his ass….and publicize what ever stupid shit he into in a new magazine named “Them weekly”….

  • how the fuck can people say shit like “Kanye Take(s) the Bait” i mean fuck you wouldn’t say something to a bitchass motherfucker with a camera stopping your garage door from closing asking you questions at YOUR HOUSE at 4 in the morning? come on dawg. kanye is doing what the majority of people in the world would be doing if they were at his level and yet people make him to be insane/childish/petty/the bad guy. FUCK. OUT. OF. HERE. you can knock the hustle when you’re not hustling. mosquito is the perfect word.

  • How Wonderful…

    This is the life that Kanye chose. If they didn’t seek him out he would be ranting about not getting the press or attention he deserves. Typical case of having the cake and eating it too. Wants the fame AND privacy. NOPE . Once you become a high caliber celebrity, all privacy is dead. Ask Kanye if he’s willing to go back to life before all of this and I guarantee he says Hell no!!!
    CANT FRONT: The Roar of that Lambo engine was the meanest!!!!

  • TRON

    This is straight up harassment.. If you and I went to someones house at 4 in the mornin lurkin around we’d be booked.. The excuse that “he’s famous oh well” doesnt work here… He’s not at an event, red carpet. He’s at his home being a NORMAL person.. And you cant even argue that this isnt bullying/baiting.. they WANT him to lose his cool and thats bullshit.. He need to get a trained guard dog foreal and just leash that bitch and when people come on his property just let the dog handle it..

  • woah how convenient that these “paparazzo” were at his home on this occasion and never any other occasion.lmao

  • Mike Jones??

    This was great free promo for his tour..

  • tha OG

    Hahahahaha this shit is mad funny LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TImeChange

    all that money he has and cant get a gated home with a few acres?
    looks like his home isnt so secure.

  • awwww shit

    i dont feel sorry 4 kanye 1bit,hes chose to have a baby with a women who has made millions off the media and papparazi,by the way this a battle hes not going to win the more he react the more they gonna chase him,dude nearly caught a serious charge with this bullshit btw hes not the only celeb dealing with this shit so cry me a river kanye

  • Publicity stunt 101

    Recent Incidents: Jimmy Kimmel Reaction, Airport, House at house
    Rule 1:Court Attention at all Cost
    Rule 2:Make other People come to you – use Bait if Necessary

    Grand Scheme:Attention for Tour, Album, and further attention for all other endeavors i.e Clothing line
    Rule1: Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cult-like Following (I.e I Am A God)
    Rule2: Create Compelling Spectacles (Irrational comments i.e Zane Interview)
    Rule3: Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others (people believing he’s apart of the Illuminati so he’s flipping it by suggesting the “corporations are trying to control him” (i.e the underlying theme behind Yeezus)

    The list goes on, this is just my general idea of what i think hes trying to do. I could be wrong, just my take.

  • Publicity stunt 101

    Paparazzi at house* which is for sale btw

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Normally I would say Ye buys into their bs, but this time they crossed that line. TMZ needs to respond with an apology and those guys need to go back and water lawns, fuck it I said it!

  • str8 business

    @ Ason frio:

    Kanye did react like a normal person that’s correct but he isn’t a normal person. He’s a famous person. He has to conduct himself at a higher standard than the average man. He has a lot to lose.. But this shit seems fake.. I’m starting to think he did this shit for sympathy. so we’d be like “man why dese fuckers keep picking on kanye” FOH. He got way to much money to allow people to get that close and then drive off and leave them there.. where they do that at

    ironic that his wife is famous because of paparazzi and he hates them..

  • Leon Sandcastle

    this shit staged.

    That cant be legal for them to be standing in your driveway. He need to hire some big swoll niggas to crush anybody with a camera that steps close. That’ll put an end to all that.

    but anyway, yeah this shit staged

  • KingJuggaNott

    To say that he deserves this is just idiotic. How many Mega Superstars are out there and THEY don’t get this type of treatment. NOBODY deserves or asks for that type of b.s.

    He’s just gonna have to get off the Radar again. The States just ain’t for him anymore. They really need to make a law, but they don’t want to make a law.

  • ari

    I think this is staged . His people could of called in saying “oh kanye is at his crib with a female ” make kanye act like look see how they always harass me. I think its staged . 4am really all of sudden now they at his crib . bull shit .

  • Kane

    ^think about it @ KingJuggaNott

    You said it yourself. How many other Mega Superstars are out there NOT getting this type of treatment? Kanye just happens to be the only one? If this is how it really is for him, with literally a pack of people outside every night, all night, then why hasn’t the most anti-paparazzi self-proclaimed genius in the world figured out how to use a gate? And this all just happens to come up at the moment when he needs some damage control? Bullshit. This is an easy set-up, and the formula is getting old.

    Kanye Vs. Paparazzi is getting to be as obvious as 50 Cent Vs. Random Rapper used to be whenever they need some free press.

  • El Jefe

    People saying that Kanye West needs more publicty don’t understand this is Kanye West. He doesn’t need buzz to sell out tours they will sell out regardless. Kanye is also notorious for not wanting to do interviews or any kind of press tours for most of his works. So I don’t know where your getting at. Clearly you could tell these dudes hopped the gate, they do this all the time to other people to. So many celebrities complain about how they really dont give any fucks and will be all up on your property. Just because your famous doesnt give people the right to not give you any type of personal space. Yall dudes get mad when your girl try to look through your phone imagine someone looking through your garbage and waiting for you outside when you wake up.

  • That fugg shit G.

  • Gfshkdyytj

    This is part of being famous. It happens to loads of celebrities, not just this guy. Funny thing is his woman makes a living off of them and her mum probably tipped them off like she normally does.

  • I would of got sued…

  • 730

    I always wonder why Kanye has to deal with this type of shit but a lot of dudes just as famous or more famous as he is don’t (see Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will Smith etc.). Maybe he should move differently. (Better security etc.) Idk, I’ve never seen or rarely see Jay or any of those other people I mentioned getting in altercations with these dudes. They never get that close. Maybe they just handle it differently. Whatever it is, Ye’ has to switch up. Because he’s becoming more known for this than his actual craft. Oh yeah, he also should stop talking so damn much and focus on making quality music. Nobody wants to hear that shit. Make good music and let it speak for itself. Jay-Z is a mentor to you right? He never has to scream and convince people that he’s talented or his music is groundbreaking. That’s all I hear from this nigga. You 2 Pac? Foh

  • N-Slick

    I’d snap too if I had to deal with that shit at 4 am

  • @BlueScalise

    Kanye is getting that work by the Establishment. They trying to get3t him to lose it.

  • Chronic

    I’m really not a big kanye fan, like some of his music, but anyways. Just because someone’s famous doesn’t mean people should be allowed to stalk, trespass, and invade someone’s privacy. Not to mention he made a damn good point in the interview that the pap are making money of his image, whoever is in them tabloids should be gettin a check for sellin all those magazines or getting all ten web hits.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Does anyone notice after Kayne and his homeboy attack that camera man at the airport a few years ago that the paparazzi have turned it up against him?

  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Would’ve shot pap as soon as he touched the garage door…

  • wellsfool

    You conspiracy theory ass niggas are morons. I’d hate to have a conversation with you Illuminati, Free Mason. “He’s in a cult” ass niggas. Shut yo dumb ass up

  • Where was son’s security? These so called people are able to get that close to his front door?
    At this point it’s not about pics. They want the doe after suing dude as of result of him defending himself against them. Although son leaving in a Captain Kirk spaceship is priceless though!


    Cant Wait till They Outside My House at 4am With My Lambo Doors Up ….I Would Just Say You See My Doors Nigga ?

  • Yeah

    shit made me blood boil. yeah yeah we know, we get it, kanye wanted to be famous, he asked for this life blah blah blah. SHUT THE FUCK UP! what happened in that video would make any man snap. shit, if ye wanted to put them paws on a pap, this shoulda been the time. they were trespassing on his private property. you see when dude stopped his garage from closing? yeah, he was trespassing, and then dry snitched on himself for recording himself doing it

  • Homie

    Jimmy Kimmel sent those mosquitoes. SN: That Lambo sounded good tho.

  • Balla

    Niggas are just provoking him now. At first it was funny now its just sad

  • rahrahrah

    Kanye don’t give a fuck about poor people. That’s my litmus test.

  • Jon from Southbank 3004

    I feel your pain Kayne. But like your attitude
    If I was you I’d do exactly the same thing. If you was me you’d probably shoot Jimmy Kimmel in the F<ck*n head.
    Much Respect.

  • koO

    “Shut the fk up u blood sucking mosquito” Tell em Kanye.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Lol he staged for niggas to come fuck with him? If he did that’s a smart wat to use pathos but I don’t think he staged this shit


    “good morning kanye” SHUT THE FUCK UP ” ether haha

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  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas Is Coming – http://youtu.be/d_dViIyCdnk

  • J Whistles

    Kanye is the reason this is happening to Kanye. People for the most part hate to be ignored, paparazzi would be no different. If he came out and just got in his car and left they wouldn’t have anything. The next few times you again ignore them, go on with what youre doing and eventually they’ll stop following you because they wont be getting anything they can use or sell.

    Keep flipping out and they’ll keep showing up. Its not really rocket science.

  • Elliot Wilson’S BALLZ

    give this dude a break jesus christ

  • Savimbi

    @publicitystunt101 see you been reading art of seduction by robert green huh…

  • Bangers N Mash

    Kanye’s a clown but this is just fucked up. Right up at the guys garage and in his driveway at 4 in the morning? Get a real job ya fuckin’ bums.

  • chriskelly

    this nigga got a forbidden fruit freestyle video already smh http://youtu.be/hBiMskYZE1k

  • No doubt it’s fucked up but once again if Kanye doesn’t react so much they would’ve been left him alone.

  • MaryBMcNair

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    So no one is gonna comment on the dopeness of the video? Cool ass house cool ass car, Kanye knows what hes doing.

    • Brown Sparta

      truck in the front shit was icey

  • Joe Nasty

    this is not funny. why do people act like kanye isn’t a human?

  • Unknown

    This shit is definitely set up. What type of paparazzi goes to a celebrity’s home AT 4 IN THE MORNING? Somebody sent those paparazzi on purpose.

    This shit happened RIGHT AFTER Ye’s feud with Kimmel.