Meek Mill Previews Dreamchasers 3


For those who can’t wait until noon tomorrow, Meek Mill invites us into his lab to run through each track of Dreamchasers 3 in this half hour listening session. Directed by Will N. 5 a.m. Miami freestyle below.

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  • Meek came up in that mixtape world…DC 1 & 2 both got some shit on em…This’ll be crashing sites all afternoon tomorrow.

    need beats?
    I got something for everyone

  • I feel you Meek, drop them heaters in the 4th quarter, get that show cash, ect….but what up with your team..I mean, You got the chick who sound like you Lee Mazin, you never promoter her, not even instagram, twitter, she never rolling with you but she the 1st lady of your label? Did Ross do you or any one like that…your team gonna lose homie, and your shit is sounding like a Big Mac. When you hungry it goes down great, but eat 3 or 4 of them joints and they aint bout nothing….

  • majormar

    Meek bout to shut shit down. I dont rap no more I was nice tho. I would get down wit ross or meek cuz all they homies paid. How it suppose to be. Im a boss myself but not a millionaire yet. They whole. Crew getting them ms or on they way to it. I seen the way they balled out in Miami a few times.

  • J

    1:30 – 2:55 cracks me up every time. Meek mills awkward coke insprired dance moves, while white guy who’s probably tweeting, instragram shit, or on Fb – ‘enoying this listening sesh my dawg Meek Mill who puts the MM in MMF’.