New Music: Meek Mill Ft. Travi$ Scott, Birdman & Diddy "I’m Leanin"


dreamchasers 3-cover

In advance of the full project dropping tomorrow, Flex gets the go ahead to premiere another track off Dreamchasers 3. Produced by Cardo, this collab features a verse from Travi$ Scott and some serious shit talking from both Birdman and Diddy. Check back tomorrow to get the full project.

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  • he better then tupac

  • FactsOnly

    Its safe to say he lost it…..

  • SpaceGhost

    Whoooooaaaa….he’s not yelling. FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Who the fuck would get a Birdman Feature that isnt on YMCMB

  • ahhhhh

    Nobody cared about dreamchasers 1 or 2 so why is there a 3? this rap is fake stale and has a corporate feel. I hate this shit.

  • C Mae

    Can’t wait for 12pm this shit about 2 kill every thing on my moma

  • juju

    same old, same old

  • good to see Cardo blowin up…Travis Scott killed that verse. DC3.

    need beats? or just wanna vibe to some real shit

  • Ya’ll haters kip yo dirty mouth shut..

    • Grammar Police

      It’s “keep your dirty mouths shut.”

  • Cassius

    Birdman and Diddy on the same track, WTF are you thinking about meek..

  • Gytbdeju

    Oh look another mmg post stuck at the top. Mmg are in serious trouble so expect rr to go extra hard from now on.

  • woooooh flames

  • kayandgee

    i will be downloading as it drops! #imleanin

  • 7figures

    I’m leanin… Fucking fire…..haters relax and live life… Niggas will b banging this…

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Calling somebody “A Hater” is the new black excuse. Niggers HATE the truth. These new rappers/niggers are corny wack. Niggers always want something for FREE! You new niggers are slaves to the Eminems, Macklemores & Ryan Lewis’. The cracker owns hip hop, they sell millions of records while niggers like Chicken George Meek Mill has to give away millions of FREE DOWNLOADS to stay relevant. Continue to DREAM CHASE NIGGERS because reality will always be your nightmare. You chimps!

  • realtalkbru

    WACK AS FUCK, after i listen to wack as DC3 when it drops im going back to dc1 and 2

    to see how tragically bad meek turned

  • Mister B

    Is this really the intro? Where the fuck is the Kendrick diss then

  • Devante


    What world are you from? DC1 and DC2 were very big mixtapes

  • chan

    I would download if there wasnt anything else to listen too but i got that new drake, that new weeknd, that new JT, im still bumpin Yeesus and born sinner and the sometimes MCHG. I would rather download big sean album than download this. Im no tryna hate but he doesnt bring anything new or exiting to the game. I had dreamchasers 2 and liked like 2 songs and i liked em for the features to be honest.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ You was good until you mentioned Drake. You rather listen to an R&B dude posing as a rapper than an actual rapper?

  • Normal

    @HIp Pop is Alive. Our reality huh? Remember the extreme commercial success of Run DMC in the 1980’s. Look where Russel Simmons is today. From the extreme success of NWA. Look where Dr. Dre is today who discovered Eminem and who is his boss. But we’re slaves? From the success of the independent label Rocafella. Look where Jay-Z is today. Look at Diddy as well. Tupac also sold the most albums even more than Eminem my friend. So what are you trying to say again? Oh so because a certain group of people like a rapper that means they ALL do? I know plenty of white people that love Meek Mill btw. We’re slaves to Eminem, Macklemore, and oh that’s it? You should of said Justin Bieber imo. What exactly do any of those guys own, besides Eminem who is under Dr. Dre? Nice try bro

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas Is Coming –

  • urrrr


  • Dante Cartier

    Hardest shit I heard this year

  • chan


    He might be a RnB posing as rapper but he got better bars than most of this actula rappers. Its not his fault rappers is weak. Its all about inovation. This year we saw who is really hot in the game and who is not. Basically it was Kendrick, J.cole, Drake, kanye, Jay Z… Sean and Wale came in honorable mention. Im not talking about. Em will probably be up there with the rest when he drops and pusha will be honorable mention aswell when he drops. Im not talkin about niggas on the come up. Im talkin about niggas that make quality music and have a buzz outside of the rapblogs aswell.

  • i don’t like his voice screaming from starting to the end

  • michelle


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Same old same old. Meek Millie Vanilli.