Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”


For those who wanted to see Drizzy Drake return to acting, well here you go. Taking it back to some classic Miami Vice episode, Drake is celebrating criminal success when Fredo Santana kidnaps his white lingerie-laced lady friend. What you think OVO Chubbs’ guns are for? Man, that was a helluva shootout. Bullet! And of course, Aubrey gets his ski mask way on and rescues his shortie in the end. This guy can do no wrong.—YN

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  • Shady

    That chic is ugly af

  • Burakumin

    this is so lame, does anybody see the same guy whose crying throughout the video really own a room of guns, and really envision that guy shooting up the place? C’monnn man

  • bigbossfredo

    fredosantana300 my instagram