Drake Named Toronto Raptors Executive


Before Toronto hosts the 2014 NBA All-Star game, the Raptors have appointed Aubrey as the team’s “global ambassador”. As part of the position, Drizzy will serve as the franchises host, business partner, and consultant.

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  • LikeJordan45

    Savvy move by the Raptors.

    I’m not the biggest Drake fan but this move makes a lot of sense for both parties, salute to people who make the world better with sensible decisions.

  • Gytbdeju

    How I met your mother


    Lol that’s not even a real country

  • villa

    2016***** and il be there floor seats nigga hanh

  • Jav

    Drake needs a consultant to be a consultant.

    He’s going to have soft ass ideas.

  • Facts

    drake the kinda homo to save hoes in gta v

  • @BlueScalise

    Is that the Jew side or the Nigga side?

  • mac DIESEL

    Before the city of Toronto welcomes the 2014 NBA All-Star game, the Toronto Raptors will be appointing Aubrey as the team

  • Belize

    he the new bosh?

  • Peekay

    *2016 NBA All-Star game. Rebranding the team but the name is not up for change. Damnit, I’d love to see the Huskies but happy they’re changing the colours. Now if we could just get some players who want to be here.

  • LR

    cause Drake is the most qualified…BULL SHIT!!!

  • reaLRAPBOI34

    good move

  • Puto








  • Mister B


  • sean

    id get executive from global ambassador ? all this is a PR stunt to get the raptors some PR he will seat court-side for few games and drop few raptors name and preform at the all star half time cause let face Toronto has no one else

    let act like he will be in meeting making decision

  • yeemjay

    I swear Rap Radar attracts the most lames smh

  • Clyde

    And of course yeemjay is excluded from the lame list. Sike!

  • http://lockoutlife.wordpress.com lockoutlife


  • LOL

    this guy is gonna end up being like Jay-Z, owning multiple businesses and making more paper than other rappers. he’s following the blueprint.

  • http://Yawn.Com Rap Industry Maverick

    Is he going to get them to change their stupid name?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The thumb with eyebrows.

  • a yo

    How come you guys always call him Aubrey on here but when hes interviewed for CRWN its Drizzy?

  • http://trinbagospeak.wordpress.com jpdone

    chill with the cursing,, this is one of the only hiphop sites I can access at work, and i want it to stay that way,,,great opportunity for hiphop

  • Kilt

    Bet Bosh moves back after the 2014 season & Toronto trades forward to get Andrew Wiggens

  • othello

    Drake is a lite skin bitch, the type u call boo___