Jay Z: Magna Carta Holy Grail


Is he gonna ever fall off? Apparently not. Dropping unexpectedly like bird shit, Shawn Carter shook up the world with Samsung who allowed him to release his 12th solo album on the fourth of July to a million of their mobile customers. Pardon him Billboard, that’s already platinum in our book. A few days later, Hov’s old buddies at Universal Def Jam distributed the disc the old fashioned way leading to SC’s 13th No. 1 album, which now puts him 6 behind The Beatles. Can that record be broke? Shit I wouldn’t count him out.

Tell Toure to tuck his comment in, MCHG is still impacting our culture in a major way. You can’t turn your terrestrial radio on without being tantalized by Justin Timberlake’s singing on “Holy Grail”. And if pop crossover tunes aren’t your cup of tea, Hov’s got two bangers resonating through the streets and urban clubs. The irresistibly-catchy “Tom Ford” is a force and the gritty “Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit” with Rick Ross will leave you yearning to step your passport game up.

Even at this elder stage of his career, Mr. Carter entices you by sharing and vividly detailing his lifestyle. He can rattle off about his art collection (“Picasso Baby”); go dirt road moped racing with buddy Ty Ty (“Oceans”); and even finally unashamedly gush over his better half Beyonce on “Part II (On The Run).” Welcome to the good life as “BBC” serves as the sound of a celebration in the studio coming to life with Hov and former rival Nas playfully sharing bars. Where was my invite that night? Ha!

It’s not all fun and games tho. Boldly addressing the racism that still exists in the world, Hov snarls at the blue bloods (“Somewhereinamerica”); poignantly professes his paranoia on being a father to his child (“Jay-Z Blue”); and fires back at Harry Belafonte for comments made that he deemed offensive (“Mr. Day O/Major fail/Respect these youngns boy/It’s my time now/Hublot homie/Two door homie/You don’t know all the shit I do for the homies”). With understanding, we can all get along.

For so long, Shawn Corey Carter has aimed to be recognized as the best. The GOAT. When it’s all said and done, MCHG is just another satisfying chapter in the journey. Hov remarkably continues to set the bar and raise the standards. Nah, I didn’t ask who your favorite is. He ain’t bigger than Hov. And there’s no closest one.—YN

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  • drewbreez

    No age-ism! Mature with your titles.

  • 400_Degreez

    This is a solid album from HOV but I think he got lazy on some songs. I can’t tolerate Tom Ford and Picasso. FuckWitMeUKnowIGot it is cool in the club, but I think both rappers slacked off lyrically. Holy Grail was cool but JT BODIED HOV on his own shit. Oceans, Heaven, and Jay-Z Blue are the only outstanding tracks to me.

  • coke

    THIS ALBUM WAS DOPE and im far from a jay z fan