• Sweden


  • Jav

    This song goes hard. This is the route Skylar should of taken, I don’t know what was up with that stupid Bicycle single, she used of used the Eminem feature for this song. Interscope stays fuckin up.

  • Jav

    should of used*

  • Steve

    Best song off the album. I bought her whole album on iTunes, definitely a great buy. Everyone I recommend it to tells me its more of a chick’s album, which I can see that, but still a great lyricist. I prefer her acoustic version of Coming Home, which I wish was on the album

  • Chronic

    honestly just don’t find her voice that good really…its not bad, but theres nothing to seperate it from thousands of other singers also trying to make it big

  • jburg

    Her album was actually pretty good.

  • malia

    Her voice is soooo boring, she lacks TALENT, style, deepness and passion.
    People in the industry still have money to waste to “invest’ on her 🙁

  • nacht

    She’s amazing and sean killed it