Drake Nothing Was The Same Tops Charts

drake signing

A million the first week? Optimism rules.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.56.45 PM

The final sound scans aren’t in just yet, but according to HHD’s early predictions, Drake’s third album will easily take the #1 spot tomorrow with an estimate  658,179 copies sold.

If the numbers stick, this will make Drizzy’s third number one debut. Check back tomorrow for the final tally. Congrats! Nothing Was The Same in stores now.

UPDATE: 658,000

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  • 313Hiphophead

    Drake doing a mill !

  • payattention

    Predictions say Drake’s not doing anything near a mill…


  • choco-prince

    WSHH comment section >>>>>

  • Igiveherthatjamaicandick


  • BK James

    1) He’d be lucky to do half of that, and should be happy with it. 2) New Rap Radar format sucks. 3) http://bkjames.bandcamp.com/

  • Che

    Ehh, not feelin the new layout guys 🙁


    new layout?

  • Fistacuffs

    This layout is terrible.

  • mikkeyblanco

    new section?

  • LOL

    this new layout is wack as fuck

  • Blackrushlimbaugh

    *wowzers* 3#1 albums

  • Word

    I know folks hate change at first, but the new layout is going to grow on you all I bet. Folks hate on Facebook for every layout change they make for a few days and then they just accept it. Only thing is you guys gotta polish some things and maybe make an app and i’ll be a happy camper.

    Congrats Drake. I honestly don’t know how Wayne does over 900k first week for that lukewarm C4, but Drake makes FAR better music and seems to peak at about 700k. Oh well, he’ll be platinum in a week so thats huge.

  • 7thEmerson

    Props to him

  • Dope

    These post are impossible to read with this all black style. At least change the post and comment section background to a light color and keep fonts darker so we can actually read something.

  • RealTalk215

    I really feel like the kid is killin Drake with this new album:

    Don’t hate my opinion, but real talk

  • DeezNuts

    Would be great if I could click the video immediately and not after clicking Read More.

  • Urrr

    O well i download this both anyway

  • Young Cuban

    Rap Radar sucks

  • Young Cuban

    Congrats Drizzy on the Album. Pusha T let’s see what your going to do.

    • ShatteredWorld

      Pusha will do triple wood lmaooo

  • cityoftrees

    comment #s are off as well

  • Seuok720

    When K.dot released that verse on big sean control I 100 % agreed he was better than all them rappers, but I only disagreed when he said he was better than drake. Both this dudes are on the top of the rap mountain right now #congratz

  • Hahaha

    Best rapper alive

  • Balla

    New layout sucks, shit looks a fuckin mess

  • slik101

    I can’t read shit!

  • $75664289

    what happened to the rss feed

  • Ben
  • Juicegod

    I’m in this pic! Ha

  • drake fake

    Look at all those dweebs lol, drake u did it baby

  • chibrook

  • Top5iveAlive

    Love what YN did with the site, have you guys viewed in on mobile versions? excellent stuff.

  • Jigga



  • Vanusa Neto

    On the phone it looks dope

  • GreenBergs

    dead serious in all seriousness just the simple fact that this dude has the nerve to wear a wu tang shirt at his album release signing is a reason to hate him now…shows the lack of respect

    • LeVar Johnson

      You must be retarded. He wore the same shirt to one of his album release parties where he performed WuTang Forever and after that Raekwon himself got on stage along side him and performed C.R.E.A.M. How is that a lack of respect. Think before you talk bruh.

  • asdx
  • Jigga


  • nirusxhonda

    well what you expect he sing for the females and rap for the dudes good for him and he executive for the raptors all drake need now is a movie career..go like racks cars and ass on fb thank you.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Got some ish that’ll shut down all of the talking…..
    He said it.