• shug
  • sean


  • Brown Sparta

    This freestyle is not all gold more like bronze better yet tinfoil

  • I’m familiar with his music and I was still shocked at out lethargic he sounded during this..

  • Michael

    I believe he said KITT, like the Knight Rider car, not kilt.

  • DC4Real

    mannnn wtf is this

  • 2 cents

    Noone else was a little impressed? Thought it was gonna be a complete train wreck when I saw it was 3:52

    • joban

      it was a trainwreck!!!!!!

  • Hey- This is actually quite cool.

  • Dj Semtex’s Prothsthetic

    thats my nigga trinidad james…..

  • vanruddy

    he said dressed in all black like a killa… the deafness is real

  • uberfunny918


    This is not going gold… more like aluminum foil.

  • joban

    ridiculous af!!!!!!!

  • kanye west

    car crash

  • SexGodBitches

    @BigHomie pretty sure he says “all black like a killer” not “like a kilt”
    shittest freestyle i’ve heard in years