Cam’Ron On Jay-Z “Pound Cake” Response

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*does Cam face*

Killa and Hov have known to bumped heads in the past. Earlier this week, Cam released his track in response to Hov’s line on “Pound Cake”. Continuing his chat with Info, he elaborates on his lyrics.

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  • bcl187

    Killas the man!

  • hannn

    A lot of Bloods in t.o. real or fake thats why.

  • Guapo Papi


  • nirusxhonda

    jay-z was just saying cam made money with him..people always blow shit out of context…like facebook racks cars and ass.

    • bleh

      I dont think Jay-z was “trying” to say anything. He was pretty clear on what he said “I made more millionaires than the lotto did” then went on to list people HE MADE MILLIONAIRES and listed Cam’ron as one of them. There’s a difference between saying “I made” and “I made with.” Unless you personally was in the studio doing a de-coded with Jay-z about Pound Cake i don’t see how you arrived to that conclusion

      • Eddy

        And that how its was said…until he says anything else that’s what we heard….and that what he wanted us to hear!!!

  • 5th Child

    Cam is growing up…

  • Wavpin

    We’re now into an age where Mc gotta explain their lines … wow! Jay Z said nothing for Cam to clarify … and Cam replied was no diss …