• Buu

    I don’t give a fuck if he from New York he can’t freestyle from the looks of this garbage.

  • CLAM

    I wonder if badass debut album gon be a classic or not

  • Voodoo

    Joey is the ANTI-Chief Keef….. Thank God for this lil nigga

    • Sal

      This is fucking TRASH. This dude is wack niggas should listen to that kid astro he’s nice.

      • Wal

        i bet you think chief keef gargling water is a dope ass freestyle

        • Oop

          you need a gallon of lean and dyslexia to be chief keef

      • DR

        nah real talk tho…astro is about 15 times better than this nigga and ppl still hate smh

  • BLImEy


  • Ned

    That day joey badass do like french montana and get southern beats, is the day niggas really wont be able to fuck with him

  • Emily

    Joey Bada$$ is one of the greatest young rappers alive. If you don’t agree you don’t really listen to rap.

    • Sick

      Joey Badass can make an ok song but his freestyles are not up 2 par

  • Emily

    It’s so odd that he slipped thought the underground and got this little attention flowing . Cause there is tons of hot rappers in the underground that got way better style and flow

  • Mind over matter

    i hate when niggas say that one nigga is the best at something. there are too many people on the face of this earth for one person to be the best at anything. people are born everyday

    • Bdaz

      there are other niggas who can rap too

  • Global

    nigga sound wayy too 90s, I mean if you tryna go that route at least be creative with it

    • Flam flam

      Joey Badass rap like he stuck in the 90’s for real. But that’s one of the reasons I fux wit him. 90’s rap was king and he keepin the shits alive.

  • Hi-five

    Lil B — Im the badass , Killed joey badass !

  • Salam

    joey better make a project better than 1999! That was my shit, but i feel like he’s feeling himself too much.

  • First

    joey still be cutting kirk off lmfaoooooooo

    • Dim

      kirk knight be spitting about absolutely nothin lol

      • GOMO

        thats probably why joey cuts him off 24 7

  • Sim

    Dam i wish Steez was still here

  • Bm

    dis nigga joey badass look like kunta kinte

    • BLast

      This nigga look like that 1 kid at school that you ALWAYS see in the hallways with a referral slip….. or in the dean’s office

  • Name

    i really tried to give Joey a chance but he just doesnt do it for me

  • Jan Jan

    Joey Badass doing big things. Congrats on his success.

  • Dan

    lil b murked him

  • Ghost

    really should have been in this years BET Cypher

  • Tame

    I’m sorry but after Wild N Out, I can’t take this nigga seriously. How you get out rapped by them corny niggas.

  • Blimp

    so proud man. I was scared for hip-hop for a minute. Thank you so much Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Joey Bada$$.

  • D.C.

    It’s like 5 rappers calling they self Bad Ass. It’s like in the early 2000’s when NBA players started wearing headbands all at one time, just a fad.

  • X

    Joey Bada$$ look like the lil nigga from Role Models lmao

  • Police

    Sounds like a wack ass super waterdown version of A tribe Called Quest.

    • Lately

      DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMN NYC FELL THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerry

    Joey Bada$$ and Mac Miller should do a collab Mix tape. Instant Plat

  • Wayman

    back in the 90s the audience were mainly black people but today you hardly find one in the crowd. LOL

  • Hill

    all this mainstream rap has got a-lot of peoples minds messed up, to say this is trash

    • Eric

      honestly this shit was whack. but fuck it milk these white mofuckas for everything they got joey.

  • Him

    Who ever thinks that Joey Bad A$$ is a good rapper then they’re obviously retarded.

  • Pal


  • Peace

    Hey Joey, Kendrick called he wants his style back. Oh and 1 more thing your wack !!!

    • def

      kendrick lamar is garbage. shut the fuck up

      • nah

        helllllllllllllllll no. kendrick has bars. listen to Rigamortis my dude.

      • Damn

        kandrick lamar and tde got they own style they aint jacking west coast 90s flow meanwhile joey and pro era is str8 jacking 90s flows

  • Op

    I got respect for these young niggas, they got respect for the game.

  • Harold

    Someone explain to me how his crew is the “PROGRESSIVE” Era when he’s rapping with a 90’s style

    • ya momz

      bc 90’s music was dope and progressive and new shit fuckin sucks, get it

  • Trying hard

    The reason this nigga say so much shit about the south is because niggaz get tired of talking about booty and liquor and drugs all the fucking time. This nigga actually has brains.

  • Trouble

    Can’t respect a nigga who calls himself Bada$$…

    • Slam


  • Fig tree

    finally man fuck niggas that don’t understand what Bada$$ is trying to do. bring NY back son. Respect.

    • GreenBergs


  • Glamorous

    Joey Bada$$ is da truth foreal he bringin da real back fuck these new schoo faggets they don’t no nothin about passion or loyalty. “Loyalty before Royalty.” Real Talk.

  • Ron

    Sounds like something the radio and this “NEW RAP MUSIC SHIT” has been missing …

  • Rim

    this nigga should be in Mobb Deep with that dark flow

  • R.A.M

    Unlike most people I listen to lyrics rather than just the beat, sad to say he wont sell unless he dumb it down. Most young cats dont even respect lyrical ability these days.

  • Hue

    this is a better freestyle then budden… NO NOTHING BUT HIS MIND

  • GreenBergs

    the only fans these dudes have is oversees in the netherlands and norway and shit, by those tall white doofy hip hop stans that will accept basically anything new york throws at them…

  • BladerunnerJPN

    At least they freestyling