• Guest

    The cover says From Roaches To Rolex you fucking idiot. Learn how to read. And the new site design fucking sucks big time.

  • majormar

    Waka flocka wat an unusual name. When he was on rosenberg nd ebro show he said could you break that word down for me my brother I was weak lol

  • Dan Karlin

    Rap: where being “real” is a worthy substitute for lyricism and musical talent.

  • ShowtimeHD

    what is the name of the mixtape ? SMH from roaches to rollies ? from roaches to rolex ? OR from roaches to riches ? wtf lol & i downloaded the mixtape from 2 different websites & theres different songs on each like green light & materialistic. HELP !!!

    BSM – R.I.P DUNK