Nipsey Hussle On Releasing $100 Album


Nipsey Hussle’s truly living by his “All money in, no money out” mantra. Next Tuesday, he’s setting up a pop shop in L.A. and selling his street album Crenshaw for $100. Yes, $100. But before coming out of pocket, Nip explains to RapRadar the reason behind the high price tag.

It’s 2013. Whether we except it or not, buying music is a choice, not a requisite. When I think of the psychology behind what makes me purchase an artists album, it’s always a form of reciprocation. Almost like a token of appreciation after I experience the product.

The reason I chose to charge $100 dollars each copy and only start with 1000 units is because I tailor making my music for those who are listening…it’s not about stepping outside of what I’m known for in hopes of new discovery. What that means less is fans that are better served.  (Kinda like the effect of less kids in a class room leading to a better education)

I’m more or less focused on fully serving the ones that have connected all ready. That being said its a value over volume thing…if I’m goin to offer a product made with no compromise or concession to the platforms (radio, A&R opinion, label bias) ect…ect..then the way we sale it has to change.


As an artist my goal is to inspire…entertain…motivated…and most importantly INOVATE. And as lovers of art we should base our purchase on the artists ability to do so. That being said, if my presence in the game has had any of those effects on you $100 is your form of saying don’t change.

It ISN’T the price of the plastic case and polyurethane disc…it’s the price of Revolution! The price of Rebellion against an industry that has tricked us all into making products that have no soul for fear of not being heard if we don’t.

I have over 400k followers on twitter 140k on Instagram and 400k on Facebook but what good are they if they don’t mobilize around my releases? if only 1000 of those people are engaged to the point of brand loyalty then that’s who I’m focused on.

That being said: I fux w who fux w me. I have no plans to change up or go left on my people for hopes of a lager audience. And I have a feeling that this 1st 100 will be the evangelist to my cause.

Like Frank Lucas said nobody owns me. We might have to go into the jungle for it to work but once we get it… It’s blue magic.


#crenshaw 10.8.13


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  • Chronic

    It’s a great concept, but I think $100 is a little pricey. Don’t get me wrong there will be those die-hard fans willing to pay But if he made it say, 25 or 30 bucks, people might respect that he doesn’t want to sacrifice his art and go out and buy it.

    • Trace

      Look people, the point is ya’ll will go out and pay $100 on concert tickets but ya’ll can’t pay $100 for a cd in support of your favorite artist?? Ya’ll would rather “download the music for free online”, in other words steal from your favorite artist right? Ya’ll know Nipsey pays for everything himself right? All the music he puts out, his shows…but ya’ll can’t put up $100 for him? That means that there is no loyalty with ya’ll but his TRUE fans…they gonna pay for that album. So for all ya’ll saying it doesn’t make any sense…it does…because he just proving that everybody aint loyal fans as they claim.

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    man nipsey im a fan of your shit but dam. i thought maybe u will give a t shirt autograph tickets to the show and the documentary. not just a album especially one we aint hear. are u gonna stop making music if the shit flops? NO!!!!!! So you bugging cuz.what u say makes sense but… i can’t support this.

    • Jeff Najarro

      You already have.

  • Picasso Micheaux

    Very interesting…Hip Hop, stay motivated and keep innovating!

  • Sean Power

    he’s right buy music is choice but i think charging $100 for a album is crazy

    i would see if was concert and you get free album with a ticket that would make more scene

    • Jeff Najarro

      It does come with that. But people fail to see the bigger picture – the amount of buzz you can garner from a move like this is . . . well, great marketing. This is far from crazy

  • Greasee

    You will get tickets to the show along with the hard copy of the album. poorly written article Mr. Wilson!

    • radvillain

      alongwith using the incorrect “whether” in paragraph 2

  • Hussle

    LMAO this nigga is c-r-a-z-y!!! make it 20bucks and press 5000 copies…same results and more accessible to ur fans. SMH

    • Jeff Najarro

      not the point tho. Way beyond the point. If only 100 ppl buy in, it will still generate so much controversy (like u, putting this type of comment) . . . you can’t buy that type of press. This is genius

      • Hussle

        how genius will it be when 10 people pay 100$ and it backfires on him and start dissing his own fans for not supporting his 100$ cd???

        • Jeff Najarro

          very genius. Everyone hated Miley – and she got bumped up to a better stage at iHeart radio music festival and her numbers are through the roof. Sales make artists very little money. But good marketing, bad press, controversy; it all leads to more shows, interviews, blog posts, and eventually all that leads to more money. GENIUS

          • real

            You use the term genius loosely. Makes the value of you calling something genius, not the same as someone who actually knows the difference between what is genius and what is not. There is nothing genius about this. Let time tell it, cause Im sure this wont convince you.

          • Jeff Najarro

            Ok, I can vibe with that – you disagree with MY definition of “genius”. Semantics. Poor choice of words, in your opinion. That’s cool. But you don’t own words; you have to be okay with other people thinking something is genius, brilliant – these are all SUBJECTIVE adjectives we as humans use to describe the world around us. I have no problem with you having a higher standard for the word “genius” – but I have to ask; you don’t really think YOUR definition is THEE correct one, do you? Brilliant, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Some things are objective, like who won the Dodger game last night; while some things are subjective, like which jersey color is best. This, like all things music, is 100% subjective. I don’t know if it’s genius, but you can’t guarantee that it isn’t . . . I’m fine with that. But I’ve shown to my best ability that “bad press” or “pissing off your fans” can equal BIG BUCKS . . . and marketing is defined as “anything and everything that in the end puts money or will lead to money in your pocket” ; that’s a very crude definition, but you get the gist. It isn’t advertising, it’s marketing. And this discussion between us, even on a small scale, is a victory for their marketing team, if they’re end goal was: GET PPL TALKING ABOUT THE ALBUM. That is the only thing I’m referring to as “genius” – regardless if it flops, sucks, goes platinum – strictly talking marketing; I like it. It’s buzzing. But you do have every right disagree with my assessment of what’s genius or not. So in a sense I agree with you on this comment .

          • krow132

            5 days later, he moved all the units one day, Jay buys 10k copies off respect of how smart Nipsey is, and he pockets 100k with mad promotion and controversy. lol you wanna revisit whether this should be classified genius yet or nah?

    • tom

      Its for free on datpiff the same day as the hard copy is released. Its as accessible as any other mixtape, but he’s giving his fans who want to pay and support him something special, something thats theres only a 1000 other off. You’re missing the point if you think its about accessibility. Its not but its still very accessible. Nipseys giving his fans a choice.

      • Jeff Najarro

        Great point man. Glad you get it. I like how you stated it.

        • tom

          Thanks! glad someone agrees with me and sees the vision. He’s creating so much hype around it in a cool way. Not many artists can get people to actually WANT to pay, not just feel guilted into it.

  • Ashura

    I think Nipsey already knows the album is going to be amazing. Thats why he’s charging so much for it. I would buy it simply because im enough of a fan tor trust his judgement.

  • FLYYer

    Y’all gone get it for free online anyway ! Who actually buys music now days unless yu really wanna support an artist like he said.. #PROUD2PAY #CRENSHAW

  • kliege

    You can tell through his music that Nipsey is a smart guy plus he’s a hustler so I won’t knock this. It’s definitely an interesting concept. Hope he does better than anticipated

  • marathon

    people do realise its available for free on Dat Piff.. and the $100 is just if you really want?

  • TimeChange

    i’m not really a fan, but the idea and reasons are good. yea,he could sell it for 30,but then again if a fan buys a cd for $100 are they going to upload it so others can download it for free? probably not, interesting

    • Myke Wayne

      It’s 2013, more of us are struugling than not.
      Don’t let these closeted Republican Thought and Modeled after ass Rappers and “Tastemakers” sell you placebo’s and tell ya it’s good shit. The minute it’s bought, it’s fair game.
      You really think i’d buy it and NOT share it with any of my folks in real life or online? You’re on one. Watch the Throne and MCHG were online within minutes after their release. This won’t be immediately but it won’t take over 12 hours neither.

      • TimeChange

        yes,i think you might have second thoughts about sharing it after you paid $100 for it. Like you said,it’s 2013, more are struggling,so if you invest $100 for something,you’re going to give it out with ease? skeptical on that

      • StrAto

        If I’m correct its already going to be on the Mixtape site and what not.

  • Jeff Najarro

    whether, not weather.

  • Ashura

    @11fbbf5509cee7b4292d0780d3a0d366:disqus datpiff is for mixtapes. This is an album. Dumb.

    • CL Kang

      It’s a mixtape dawg

  • t

    id pay 2 hundred for perfect verses

  • optimal

    I hear nip,

    But he’s stealing from his own people with 100 dollar albums. Everything he said, with all due respect…is flat out BS. If you’re revolting against the machine, staying true to those who really mess with your music, and all of that…under no conditions should you have to charge 100 dollars for a cd.

    If you have to charge 100$ for a CD, then it’s obvious you need a machine, or some type of backing. You don’t reward those who have been riding with you by charging 100$ for the product.

    • Jeff Najarro

      He is goin against the machine – he’s going to lose sales. And he’s ok with that. “Less is more, there’s plenty of us”

  • DaJuan

    Hip Hop has had some pretty interesting marketing strategies in 2013. He, Jay, and now this.

  • optimal

    It’s such an underhanded move by Nip Hussle. What strategy is behind selling the music for 100$? Honestly, there’s no logic to it at all.

    It’s almost as if he’s saying “Look at me, I can charge 100$ for my music and I can get people to buy it” that’s all he’s doing.

    Everything he said gets thrown out the window because of that price tag. Use your brains. If the music is that good, and you are doing this for the people, your fans, etc. then why are charging 100 for it?

    He’s always screaming “F the middle man” but if you have to charge a c note for your product, then you probably do need a middleman. Straight stealing from his own people

    • Wow

      its seems like you don’t want your favorite artists to get any ideas… altho i dont really believe Nip on this. I think if you like something you will pay whatever for it…. women run around will thousand dollar bags, we buy jordans on ebay for stupid prices… i think we value music way to little these days and its so important to us. moves like this really put the fan to the test. The labels on the other hand will not care either way…they will create a new type of deal and sign artists that they can charge $100 per cd with because it worked for Nip…

    • lol

      It’s gunna be free on It’s only 100$ for people who want to support his movement. Also comes with tickets to a show so robbery na.

      • Jeff Najarro

        thank you! #agree

    • cpr

      Its supply and demand, create bizz and limit the supply. If enough demand is there, he can raise the price and he can pinpoint the demand he’s comfortable with and the price point it is on. Think about it. He’s talking about supporting the artist. We rode with Napster and piracy because we felt the record companies were doing some pretty tactics for sales. It led to more people trying to do independent music where the artist benefits greatly. Are you willing to support the artist? How much is he/she worth to you? I admit with $100 price there should be a lot of add’l content.

  • CL Kang

    Anyone still wondering.. This is a MIXTAPE, not album.. And it’s gon have drama’s ass screaming all over it too!

  • Wow

    I think this makes for great conversation! we the listener have gotten
    extremely cheap because of the internet. We have almost forgot piracy
    is piracy. I ask everyone What was the last cd you purchased? Cd’s are
    10 bucks! music is as vital as food to some of us in our everyday
    life but somehow we find it cool eatting the food without paying the cook. We will have all the opinion about album content and first week sales but not spend a red cent on said album. We will love it and still download it because its convenient. What if all the artists were to collectively strike? Not sure if Nip is genuinely taking a stand or trying to swindle his fans but I feel like if you fuck with him and his music gets you thru your day say thank you by paying $100 for this cd. I look at it like we would pay $100 for a good dinner

    • Myke Wayne

      It’s a new day. Sorry.
      I’m not buying an album unless it’s an artist that I really respect (Nas, Dre, Em, Killer Mike, Scarface, Kurupt and Prodigy-come to mind for me).
      We have Spotify, rhapsody, streaming sites, youtube and plenty of other avenues. And if you decide that you’re too good of an artist for that, good for you. As a fan, i won’t be denied though. Good dope is good dope and the market dictates that this dope has to be good quality and cheap to move. It is what it is

      • Jeff Najarro

        You have both choices – stream or pay. He’s making a statement; that the desire for sales won’t drive his creative endeavors. More units equals more possible sales – he decided to press up fewer. Cheaper price means more possible sales – he decided against it, even in the face of guaranteed lower sales. Catering to fans is lame – they’re only your fans if they like you. Once they don’t, they’re not really your fans. By definition. Higher price, in economics, means you value ur product more. Jordans or Payless, you decide. But the statement he’s making is dope – idgaf who supports my moves as crazy as they seem. And I like that. My opinion only tho, feel free to disagree

        • StrAto

          Well put.

          • Guest

            Rap is dead? Why you on this site then? Lol – Nas put an album out called “hip hop is dead”, where he plainly states, in an interlude, not even a song . . . without rapping, just talking. . . that people like you are probably the reason “rap/hip hop is dead”. Put a picture up and stand behind your opinion. Frankly, you’ve brought nothing to the discussion. “how wacky these ppl are” “Chalk it up or come with some substance” what’s next? He’s a sell out? Too many cliches. Nobody even knows who he is? YOU don’t know who he is. His Marathon mixtape series has ridiculous amount of fans. “Oh if only Pac & Big were still here!” am i right?! LOL too funny. How do you, someone that claims that no one knows who Nipsey Hussle is; how do you know that he lacks substance? Pre judging? How very open minded. You clicked the link. commented on the article. responded to another community member. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. If he can get you THAT interested in his news . . . imagine what a a fan might be compelled to do? How bout this . . . you move on to YOUR favorite artists page; the rest of us will be at his next show. That seems fair. “We don’t believe you, you need more people . . .”

          • Jeff Najarro

            That was a mistake response – I was responding to above comment, made by user name “real” . . . my mistake

        • real

          BS. Nobody even knows who he is. Did anyone evn watch the trailer? Give me a break rap is dead and this just shows how wacky these people who disrespect the term artist have become. Chalk it up or come with some substance.

          • Jeff Najarro

            Rap is dead? Why you on this site then? Lol – Nas put an album out called “hip hop is dead”, where he plainly states, in an interlude, not even a song . . . without rapping, just talking. . . that people like you are probably the reason “rap/hip hop is dead”. Put a picture up and stand behind your opinion. Frankly, you’ve brought nothing to the discussion. “how wacky these ppl are” “Chalk it up or come with some substance” what’s next? He’s a sell out? Too many cliches. Nobody even knows who he is? YOU don’t know who he is. His Marathon mixtape series has ridiculous amount of fans. “Oh if only Pac & Big were still here!” am i right?! LOL too funny. How do you, someone that claims that no one knows who Nipsey Hussle is; how do you know that he lacks substance? Pre judging? How very open minded. You clicked the link. commented on the article. responded to another community member. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. If he can get you THAT interested in his news . . . imagine what a a fan might be compelled to do? How bout this . . . you move on to YOUR favorite artists page; the rest of us will be at his next show. That seems fair. “We don’t believe you, you need more people . . .”

          • krow132

            lol c’mon bro, YOU dont know who he is. And the fact that your talking about how rap is dead but you have no idea who Nipsey Hussle is (made the freshman cover and has had a bigger buzz and a solid following since he has come out) says more about the knowledge you have concerning the same form of music that you are claiming is dead.

            But to put it in simpler terms for you in pure mathematics. Nipsey is essentially cutting out the middle men. When you have an entity such as a record label that pays for the, promotion, packaging, shipment, etc, of your product it drives the cost and therefore more units is needed for everyone to make a profit. So a record needs at least over 100 k units sold to see any profit, (of course depending on how much they spent for the items I mentioned above)

            So, without having to pay for all the promotion, packaging, shipment, radio spins, etc though a label for as much copies, he only print out 1000 copies, sells em to his diehard fans and sees the profit margin increase. And so that the music is available to the masses, its still available as a free download, just the ones who buy, get free tickets to his shows and other bonuses. So its literally irrelevant that, “No one knows who he is” or that he lacks popularity that a mainstream artist has. All he needs is 1000 buyers which is not hard for a relatively unknown artist with a strong following to get and he pockets all the money. This is not even counting the money he will be making from touring off the same material. Its a fucking brilliant business model .

        • krow132

          It was a smart move either way you slice it. If you aint going to pay for it he offers you the option for a free download, if you are one of those fans that were there from jump street you have the money to spare, and want to see your fav artist successful, then you will pay the bill. All he needed was 1000 core fans to buy into it, or 500 fans to buy 2 or whatever the mathematics is. It was brilliant shit. Just as smart if not smarter than what Jay did with Magna Carta

    • Goodness Gracious

      Good point. But we forget piracy is piracy because the majority of music released is certified trash. same beats, similar hooks, recycled songs, same ass themes of drugs, violence and “I have more money than you and you aint shit” This is why people stopped paying for the music. Its not creative anymore and has no value. Not just music movies as well. Most movies that get theatrical releases are recycled. IMO I think artists take the consumers intellect for granted. They feed us the same nonsense repeatedly like all of us haven’t caught on .

      • Jeff Najarro

        piracy is not piracy because of trash music. thats a subjective opinion. the fact is; napster was invented, and the rest was history. GREAT ALBUMS GET DOWNLOADED FOR FREE as well as “trash”. Music was music, we found a way to steal it, so we did. And now we have all the leverage. So that’s why artists give away music via mixtapes and what not. because they have to. because we forced them too. Economic incentive; not “due to quality of music”. opinion vs fact. It is what it is. The internet made me do it

      • cpr

        If most albums are certified trash, then it does not make sense to waste bandwidth on them or piracy on them. To be honest, the only group that can get money out of me is the Roots. I don’t really listen to any other albums (though I did buy digital copies of GKMC and Section.80) With Spotify out now, we should not have that problem, listen to the album if you fuck with it, purchase it.

      • dymondrsvp

        Which came first? Recycled music with little effort or piracy and the drop in purchases? You know the answer to that. When was the last time you bought an album of original content or substance? I agree they are few and far between but did you buy it? Why should these artist break their necks to give their best and get nothing in return and can not make a living? Maybe that’s why they don’t and those with no talent are popular because they dnt care and are happy that they are all we heardy

    • ZuriSupreme

      I totally agree. I’m less interested in the “Why” than the “Why not!?”

      • Jeff Najarro

        great point – Why not IS the question at stake here!

  • Adavion M. ⚡

    (IMO) I believe this a good direction for an artist like Nipsey Hussle . i personally don’t have $100 to spend on his work, considering I’m a college student, but if I did, I would certainly be one of those who admire his work and purchase a copy .

  • Myke Wayne

    I was about to shit on this but I can’t front, I gotta respect what he’s saying. No, I won’t pay the Hundred but i respect his angle. He views himself as an artist and his uncompromised work as art. I really have no issue with this. Good Luck. Only gotta move a hunned

  • Myke Wayne

    On Top of my other comments, i have a serious question to you all. Who the hell still listens to cd’s as their main source of music? I buy digital albums or special shit like that Nas Ten Year anniversary Box set. I never play the cd’s, it’s just to own and show my appreciation that way.

  • LOL

    this album better come with a 24k Gold cd case if it’s worth $100. ain’t nobody gonna pay that much for music. people got other things to worry besides music. these artists trying too hard to make some quick change.

  • PastorMaseSon

    i dont get why rap artists wont fully go against the “MACHINE” and either A: release the album straight thru itunes and split it fifty fifty with them or B: release the album for free (SO FAR GONE) and just reap the benefits of reaching millions of fans thru the internet and tour off a mixtape

    • Jeff Najarro

      agreed. They’re probable under contract; perhaps they got a record deal that is so tightly woven, and they need some while not all of the major labels help; so in return, they are unable to go fully against the machine. Of course, I’m specualating – but I’m sure some artists are dying to fully go against The Evil Empire

    • cpr

      I believe So Far Gone was a mixtape before Drake signed with YMCMB. I assume Nipsey’s been doing this for awhile. So that strategy might not be the best move. Honestly he should be able to delay Datpiff release until maybe a month or two after physical release.


    Fucc tha illumanati got nip on sum garbage yg termeezy frm that bad ass paramount gang 562 90723 frm cpt too tha lbc too tha or my prmt 213-562-310 we got love every where we goo fucc nip on me you a good nigga but white man got u what happen too ur saying momma always said Dnt let tha right hand see ur left hands plan cause ur right hand might be working wit tha white man smh take ur own advice my mommas knows best foney sellout FYBMC ent.

    • Jeff Najarro

      the fuck u talkn bout? type normal. Shit is incoherent . . . u need homies to tell you this.

  • It’s Just Music

    i agree with this
    back in the day, music was a luxury a ton of people nowadays take for granted.
    Half you guys ain’t going to buy the album anyways even if he sold it for $5.

    • Jeff Najarro

      lol yup, even at 5 bux, ppl will download it instead, so in a sense. . . . a 1million dollar price tag wouldn’t matter . . .

  • Michael Ibbett

    sounds like he got high, thought of how he could make a 100grand real quick, multiplied 100 by 1000 and never looked back lol

  • Michael Ibbett


  • CL Kang

    What y’all don’t know, is with the purchase of this mixtape.. You get a ticket to a secret concert and to a meet and greet.. Boy a bad package at all

  • KV!$! DAREALMIllYN$!

    Smart!! This outside the “Normal” its like finding out who your real friends are in times of crisis. Not implying that Nippsey is no way in a crisis..I Only used it as an example… especially if hes only printing up 1k copies..#salute I hope it works..
    If it wasn’t for Prince changing his name we wouldn’t be doing what were doing now with our Music over the Net. Keep it up PlayBoy!! like you say.. “Its a Marathon”

  • Goodness Gracious

    I take it that being its a pop up shop that you meet him, vibe with him, take pics, get the cd and have a story to tell on how you chilled with Nipsey. If you look at it that way 100 dollars may not seem so bad……..I wouldn’t do it though.

  • The Other P

    So this nigga is gonna have people in the hood with a hundred dollars to cop his cd? The goons gonna be out robbing. Selling cd’s at midnight? Can this nigga guarantee his fans’ safety?

  • A_Brown357

    It comes with a “Crenshaw” hat, a “Crenshaw” shirt and a physical copy of the CD if I’m not mistaken plus a Live concert by Nipsey. It sounds a little expensive but hats are usually anywhere from $20.00-$25.00, Shirts are usually $20-$30 and a copy of a cd is usually $12.99-$16.99. Also a concert is usually $15-$30. I don’t know why they don’t highlight that in the article? Also you’ll be one of the few to have a physical copy of the album in a limited release.

    • Jeff Najarro

      People just don’t get it . . . I hear ya tho. It’s actually a good deal

  • real

    Yall really falling for this. Calling it great marketing. Stupid as… ! Its Nippsey Hussle…The album wont even be worth $10 let alone $100. Who cares. He talk a lot and doesnt say a damn thing. Pay that money like a fool if you want to, you’re better off paying a bill.

    • JustiN Davis (@navenoblique)

      It may be worth it if you`re a fan.

    • Jeff Najarro

      You wouldn’t know great marketing if you invented it . . .

  • JustiN Davis (@navenoblique)

    If he pulls this off he just made 100000

  • MongrelMessiah

    Piracy is piracy because labels and retailers have overcharged for CDs forever. People started stealing music because the labels have stolen from both the artist and consumer for years. What Nip is doing is taking an important smaller step towards the revolution he is speaking on. The paradigm shift in music is here. The pendulum is swinging back to the artist and the consumer. Labels aren’t necessary components of the process like they once were (mainly for distribution of hard copies to said retailers). It is good to see an artist sticking to his guns and refusing to be a slave to labels, record execs, radio, advances, etc…. It is about time niggas stepped up and demanded partnerships/joint ventures with labels as supposed to being a fucking employee within a larger corporate structure. Many of yall might not see it now but this is just the tip of the iceberg. A new era and a new business model for how music is shared and distributed is upon us. Peace

  • “Whether we except it” <– are you serious with this paragraph right now?

  • The Shepherd

    The choice to purchase or download the music for free would have been available regardless. All Nipsey did was turn it into a Marketing strategy. 100$ is for shock value. If he said it was available for 10$ would we be talking about it today?

    Radiohead did the same thing, except they allowed their fans to pay WHATEVER they wanted, for a digital copy of their album. But thats only after they benefited from Major label contracts for years.

  • N.W.G

    Mynigga you done lost your motherfucking mind,,i just heard 1 of your songs and that shit was wacky as you look,,fuck your CD niggao

  • T. Baby

    That album aint $100 quality, I agree with everything he says but his music aint on that level. I could see a big artist TRYIN this and i mean TRYIN but it wont work 4 everyone. I aint mad he tried this hustle and im glad he met his goal but this is an album I wouldnt even try to download for free

  • jesse G sanchez