New Video: Doughboyz Ca$hout “I Love My Life”

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 12.40.44 PM

Life is good. Theirs look better.

Ever since linking with Jeezy, life’s been good for the Doughboyz Ca$hout. And for the latest visual off CTE’s Bo$$Yo Life Gang, they share their recent travels. No days off.

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  • Igiveherthatjamaicandick


  • Detroit Bred

    Real Detroit. Fuck Big Sean his album flopped cause hes not a real one!


      You are so fuckin’ right!!!! Because he doesn’t act like a thug & rap about selling drugs he can’t be a REAL Detroit artist!!!!! Thanks for telling us what a REAL Detroit artist is. I guess Em & Royce aren’t real either?!?!

      • Detroit Bred

        Calm down pussy boy you broke as shit talkin about you a mogul. Drug dealing doesnt make you real. Em and Royce are hip hop Detroit DBCO are street rap. Big Sean gets no respect in Detroit. Know what your speaking on b4 you open your ignorant mouth pussy.

  • Cool c


  • industry maverick

    they got a cool energy, but their song writing skills are just mediocre.

  • majormar

    I mean they got a movement but music is not authentic enough its not different its not that classic verses im looking for but hope they rise to the top. And live n studio

  • JIG-AH

    This Group shit ain’t go POP ma nigga….Niggas better off going SOLO