New Music: Chief Keef x Wiz Khalifa “Rider”

been trill

Young Chop on the beat.

A previously record with Sosa and TGOD has finally been liberated for your listening pleasure thanks to the In The Field mixtape. Enjoy, riders.


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  • neverspeakinfibs

    Chief keef might not be lyrically great but at least he talks bout what he actually lives. Ross and Tyga and all that other corny shit could learn a thing or two. Fuck off new music skinny jean fags.

  • neverspeakinfibs

    I amend my previous comment just to say wiz khalifa is very much apart of the new rap problem. dude aint lying about smoking weed but the fact he says he is a gangster on the chorus makes me want to put a bullet betweenst his eyes. God what a fag. Actual fag. so corny. just cuz u got tats doesn’t make u cool. the fact he got famous and made two horrible studio releases that corny dudes and chicks felt should be fact enough that you shouldn’t listen to him

    • basedgenie

      make a wish

  • Wavpin

    straight trash ….

    • basedgenie

      straight cash ….

  • Chief Keef is the best young gagnsta rapper around, long live Brick Squad


    • fack1g1

      ain’t never heard of it

  • bangbang

    Wiz roll wit a buncha crip niggas if u aint knoo

  • ak

    this is hip hop?