New Music: R. Kelly “Cookie”

r. kelly

So much for who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

R. Kelly’s got a sweet tooth and satisfies his sexual hunger on the latest track off his upcoming album. His Black Panties drops November 11.


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  • Wavpin

    hot …

  • Belize

    I don’t ever wanna look like this nigga when I’m old. Why this cat look like a old leprecaun?

  • Grammer
  • ♕FxckSociety✯Prince♕

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  • fruity

    Haha this is classic Kellz

  • Tef

    LOL. Fucking Kells. Nigga should probably hang it up, but you can’t deny that he kinda still has it, I just hate how every era he re-invents his style to fit in. Hard beats and a Trey Songz type vibe? Nah R. He should leave all this shit alone and just stick to cold ass soul albums. Reminds me of Mary J. Blige, her best move is to just put out a heartfelt soul album to show her age and growth, but she still dancing around with Drake verses on her shit, Fuck all of that.

    • Nickey Negrito

      Fits in? Man he started most this shit son.

      • Tef

        I’m referring to the switch-ups, these older artists are trying to hard to sound like everybody out. Jeezy and 2 Chain features?!! It’s no different from every other artist from out era and generation, Usher put out a soul album and marketing the thing off of Will-I-Am tracks and songs that sound like they’re more Justin Bieber’s fan-base. I didn’t say R was the only one. He’s a genius, I’m a huge fan but around the release of Double Up, I got real tired of strip club anthems, trap shit and turn-up songs from a nigga who looks like the creepy old man in the club. Remember when you could bump an R album from beginning to end to set a night off?