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  • DigDug

    Shouts to Oliver!

  • NOVA

    A King?

  • EternallySleepy

    Tupac had a lot of bitchassness in him. He needed a better “father” than Suge. If Master P would have bailed him out instead of Suge. What would hip hop and the world look like today?

    • HipHopUDontStop

      WOW!!!!!! Now this is a question well worh deep discussion… Good look for throwing this in the universe EternallySleepy. At the time it is proven that Master P was the only one that wasn’t fearful of Suge as he proved when nobody would touch Snoop he did without fear almost as if he welcomed any opposistion and what do you know…he didn’t get any!!!

    • REALLY23

      U mean the same bitchassness that led him to shooting two off duty police officers? Of course he was unaware that they were cops at the time of the incident, but what he did know know was two white boys were attacking a black dude… Pac had flaws, but being a bitch wasn’t one of them.

    • the nuisance

      That 1st sentence struck a nerve. That 2nd sentence hit below da belt. That 3rd sentence made it all make sense smh. Sincerely, 4ever a Pac fan and I agree. P.S. Westside Biiiitch!-Pac voice

    • Hollywood the God

      i thought this post and video was about biggie…

      • EternallySleepy

        How do talk about Biggie and not talk about the bitch ass dude that got him killed? How do you talk about the reason why we only have two albums?

        • Hollywood

          how do you know pac had him killed?

          • EternallySleepy

            Pac got himself and Biggie killed because of the bullshit he was on.