• LikeJordan45

    1- Is there any significance to the fact dude is a Crip yet always has red album/mixtape/singles covers?

    2-So after all the controversy of selling it for $100 he’s offering it for free at the same time?

    Talented rapper, but I’m lost son

    • Mik3lowrey

      The mixtape and what were offered are two different things

    • blah

      Man u the one thats lost the point is fuck the middle man and give him the momentum to shine…as well as to show these coparations that we will not follow their blue prints as far as what we want to listen to..

      as fo the color listen to the crenshaw documentary….he explains why..

      • LikeJordan45

        damn I gotta listen to a documentary? I’m good just was curious.

        About to bump that free ass version tho.

  • Sean Power

    the 100 cost was all a PR stunt to get people talking about the Cd and make few bucks the same time

  • AK

    Like jordan –
    1. thats very irrelevant, I know real bloods that rock magic jerseys and hat yet their still walking around like it means nothing..
    2. it’s not controversy if he is letting not only the LP to be free and or pay for it, plus he explain why he is picking out 100$’s.. IF ur dumbass knows how to read and understand such material

  • cityoftrees

    The $100 tag came signed in 18k gold and numbered along with access to secret show. Only 1k to be sold.
    Mentioned on radio this morning that he hit the 1000 sale goal & JAY Z bought 100 copies.

    So he made $100k and put free mixtape out.
    Great mixtape.

  • mydudeNip
  • Hannibal Lecture

    This shit goes hard fuck Pussy T!!!

    • Blackrushlimbaugh

      *my nigga said pussy t* haha

  • novakaine

    How you hate on a man who made 100 racks in one night on his own

    • Blackrushlimbaugh

      *u pheel me*

  • Hannibal Lecture

    OKE dropping later today

    • Blackrushlimbaugh

      *wtf is oke

  • sincereakasincity

    Nipsey hustle for President… Smart guy and great music… Check me out by the way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSWiTVMKdoo