New Video: Eminem “Survival”


Bomb First.

Featuring clips from the video game, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Eminem sprays the city up in his new video. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops on November 5th.

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    gotta get used to em with blonde hair again, looks 10 years yougner

  • Shady

    I really hope this is on the deluxe version of the album as a bonus song or something…really disappointed so far on what i’m hearing nd i’m a huge Eminem fan.

    • I agree as far as hoping this is a bonus cut or something, it doesn’t really fit the theme of something that’s gonna be called ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’…

    • Nah__Roots

      I think that’s a strong possibility. Didn’t this song come out before they even announced MMLP2?

    • marshallmathersLP

      are u srsly disappointed with berzerk? get out of here

      • Dashing28


        • marshallmathersLP

          haha, then u simply don’t get the song. And that ain’t eminem’s problem

          • Dashing28

            Look at the rest of the comments. It clearly is Eminem’s problem.
            I’m a fan and I’m still gonna check for MMLP2, but Berzerk and Survival are not exciting me so all we can say is “Well Eminem singles don’t really matter anyway….” and hope for the best.

    • kyle

      It is confirmed as a bonus track . Not To Worry

  • EminemHipHopsLegend


  • I don’t mind the rock beat, but like other people have said, I really hope the whole album isn’t like that.

  • Sports 2 HipHop

    Survival is a stadium smash and bezerk is a great throwback track. Both songs are top notch in my book.

  • DaTruthWillSetYouFree

    SMH. We want more music fuck a video.

  • LP1087

    Bigger demographic calls for bigger sounding records. Dude been outgrew the hip hop bubble. Can’t knock him for that, you also can’t deny the lyrics tho…..and that delivery, sheeeeeeeeeshhhh !!!!!!

    • shayden2kz

      I agree, he’s trying to reach this generation’s younger kids the same way he did with original Marshall Mathers LP and these days the way to do it is to video games not only does it make a lot of money but also a wider fan base of a new generation that’s why he still relevant today smart business good music

  • brollya

    wow… i dont believe i hear people sayin this is trash…. wat are ya expecting…. this is eminem at his finest….

  • Bangers N Mash

    I think this is on the deluxe version only.

    Not a bad song, not a great song either though. Is what it is, just like the video. Jonesin that full MMLP2 album tho.


    I think the song is dope, but I think it doesn’t really fit the direction berzerk set for mmlp2!

    • shayden2kz

      I think you’re wrong and after seeing this video I think this song shows what mmlp 2 is really going to be about and berzerk iss just another catchy first single like all his other first singles of his successful albums, I love dessert but I truly think after seeing how he betrayed the end of this song obviously it’s going to have some relation to the rest of the album considering berzerk video had nothing to do with the album only the song. I really think em pulled one over on us having everyone flipping out that the album is going to be like berzerk come on we all should know this is wut he does every damn time when in all reality I think it’s going to be more towards survival

  • LesterDaMolester

    the song is fire i just think it suits recovery more though

  • AJ

    Em’s early singles never paint the picture for the actual album… so just hold on.. the album won’t disappoint. However if you one of those people who thought recovery was trash.. then dont bother waiting.. you are just hard to please.

    • @StizGrimey

      So just hold on……. We’re goin home…

  • LOL

    not bad, i like the ending but i don’t wanna blow it for anybdy that didn’t watch it

  • Peekay

    this sounds like music for a shooter video game. Uninteresting but love Berzerk.

  • badboy88

    This song is a Recovery throw away track. Should be no where near MMLP 2. We don’t want this COD product advertising bs.

  • Matt


  • Chronic

    em is still comin with them strong ass rhyme schemes…but im sick of the fact that ever since recovery its just been one radio-friendly song after another for him…and im assuming he tried changing up slaughterhouses sound way too much on their album and mixtape, cause they were nothing like their first album…that’s why im hoping this album will be good, from bezerk it sounds like he realized he needed to go back to his roots a little bit

  • Jordan Schrock

    sounds like a recovery bonus track

  • Dope

    The video itself is great if we forget it’s actually a commercial.

    But he’s still screaming in here. With two singles of him using the same flow he’s been using ever since Recovery I don’t have high hopes for this album.

    • C’mon

      LOL……….take only Berzerk….that song had 3 different flows 😉

  • GreenBergs

    this guy doesn’t seem to care that he’s about to legitimately fuck up his entire catalogue with one release..

    • LesterDaMolester

      explain how

      • GreenBergs

        Dude is about to flop hard without generated sales, releasing this album is gnna ruin the first, most of his fans already dislike his new shit, unless his second single is fucking mindblowing then maybe there is hope

        • LesterDaMolester

          name 1 eminem album that has flopped? ill wait. this is the biggest rapper in the world he aint floppin bro and theres alot of fans that love his new shit theres jus some that cant accept that hes style isnt goin to be the same as over 10 years ago in my opinion hes still a beast some fans jus find anythin to complain about oh hes shoting yeah so what hes always had that anngry flow oh the accent oh this and that how exactly do people want him to spit he can stil outrap most

          • GreenBergs

            Within his core fanbase encore, relapse, recovery,bad meets evil have all been flops with no signs of the old eminem, its almost as if hes gone already from the game..

          • LesterDaMolester

            thats just stupid lol encore relapse and recovery all sold good numbers the dude had hits from recovery so i dunno how u can tell me hes floppin LOL 50 cent is floppin these days yes but the only other rapper alive that is just as big as eminem today is jay z FACT like i said just because he switched his style a lil bit doesnt means hes wack do u even pay attention to his rhymes his flows…

          • GreenBergs

            guy can rhyme all the words in the dictionary for all i care, does the music sound good, are the outcomes of these lyrics meaningful dope records? (dont you dare mention recovery, recovery was like a pun to his whole discography) no….stfu and accept this bullshit like the rest of hip hop a week before november 5 when it leaks as on schedule…

          • GreenBergs

            dude can use 8 different flows on one track, and spit with 5 different rhyme schemes, its still gonna be “wack new eminem”, that NO ONE is TRULY a fan of…

          • LesterDaMolester

            LOL u sound mad because your opinion that u dont like the music thats kool thats your opinion but fact is theres millions that still enjoy the music i can agree relapse wasnt that good and meaningful ? did u listen to recovery it was about him gettin the problems off his chest your never over dedicated to proof and now hes bringing back slim shady so hes not exactly gonna be spittin about life is he… slim shady is all about the crazy shit

          • Ashley S.

            um Encore has sold 15 million the same as the Slim Shady LP and relapse is a “flop” for his standards, and Recovery sold 10 million + earned album of the year so he isn’t a “flop” look up what that word means before you throw it around like that again.

          • GreenBergs

            It was a flop for his core fanbase sweety, those fifteen million fans expected better than eminem show instead got dog shit..


            You lost the argument at “no signs of the old eminem” It’s called progression. Period. Nobody is gonna rap about the same shit they did in their 20s when they’re 40. Accept change. You may not like it but there’s a lot of people that do.

  • GreenBergs

    if this is even a bonus track or hidden track or wtvr the fuck on mmlp 2 i def. wont even be listening to the shit…

  • Dev

    He is actually spittin on this. Ready for the LP…..i like this track

  • Polka Faze

    the world’s most overrated rapper.

  • GreenBergs

    i’d say all eminem fans, myself included, need a miracle right now..

    • iCardsFan502

      Go fuck yourself.

  • The Association of Chronos

    I love it of course but, I am a Em fan so, just skim through this comment. Anyway, I really don’t understand the hate for this song. Its a song about a video game. A game that involves “Killing”, “Bombs”, “Guns”, “Army Atmosphere”, etc. So, of course it is going to be intense as far as production and lyrics wise. It even has the Video game in the background. Its all promo for THAT product. “Bezerk” is Promo for his own personal project. I feel as if Em is also doing different promo as well instead of the usual modern “Spill your guts” before your album gets released and kill the mystery. It makes us left in wonder about what is happening. We may not even get a tracklist until the last week before the LP drops….

  • Dashing28

    Yeah, the video didn’t help. Really hoping the rest of the album is more hip hop-y and less rock-y and Skylar Grey-y

  • GreenBergs

    yn please pull some strings get him to stop this madness or at least push it back…

  • big poppa pump

    Say what you want but this is another dream work-out track. Who the fuck won’t lift more as Em spits that 3rd verse. Just another motivational track in my book and I love it.

  • Baby of Stan

    The new layout is terrible. How do you read the comments order?

    • Still

      Change “Best” to “Newest

  • Stoner

    Eminem Is A Fuckin Lyrical Genius… For Those Who Hate On This Song I Know It’s The Rock In The Beat That’s Swaying You But Understand That Em Is A Mega Superstar… He Has Mass Audiences Around The Globe… And Besides If All You Hearing Is The Beat Then That’s On You…

    • I don’t like this song and yet even I have to say that he’s a lyrical genius. He displays more flows in this ONE song than most rappers show on their entire albums.

      I was just listening to the last verse thinking how much of a beast he is even on tracks I dislike!

  • Nachit

    Drake fans, please go

  • West West Yall

    LOVE IT. Cant wait for MMLP2! gonna be HUGE!

  • chrick chrick

    just a game song dumbass

  • phill

    This guy is just PERFECT… Jay can come close to em’s word play

    • phill

      i mean *can’t

  • Z

    What I don’t understand is if you don’t like the song then why come here and comment it seems so counterproductive to me go listen to something you do like and leave the ppl who like the song and video alone

  • This shit is awful.

  • Antonio Fustani

    Suvival from Eminem it’s really the second official single of MMLP2 or just a bonus track. Hope not because it sounds like Recovery shit

    • Still

      it is a bonus track…confirmed

  • Exclusive

    Not really supposed to say but you STANS will be pumped. I got together with my boy Dart Parker and he played a few of Em’s new tracks. Lets just say Mind Blown! Track list will be out next Tuesday

  • DamnSon

    This isn’t a music video – it’s a commercial for the new Call of Duty game

  • Danial Parsa

    Dope but Eminem needs to stop screaming in his songs , it’s just getting corny

    • It got corny circa 2002 ‘Lose Yourself’. Dunno why he don’t just rap.

  • iCardsFan502

    Whoever is expecting 2000 Em to be on this MMLP2 can just stop thinking that immediately.