• wheres the soundcloud player?

    • LuxuryRap

      thought i was trippin lol

  • Muggsy B

    Thanks for letting us know… guess I’ll go find it on another site. Wtf.

    • Wow


  • The Association of Chronos

    I was listening to this album on my way from work and, good LORD. I forgot Pusha T. I apologize. The man was floating on that album. I like these types of Raps. Just straight talking shit with good production and focused flows. I don’t need a Lupe type of album, or a Kanye type of experimental album every time. This is why Jada’s tapes get a lot of play in the play. Someday you just need bars and that’s it. But again good album. I fuck with it..
    Now, as far as this Fuckery right here what the hell? I was looking forward to this but no player at all. I’m about to just say “Fuck it” and hop on ITunes to catch the Podcast there

    • mck

      kanye produced the whole album.

  • Pusha T is the worst rapper ever. I stopped to take Kanye seriously since he signed this faggot. Lil Wayne saved hip hop. thats all


    • dahustler84

      hahahaha niggas is trolling today

    • nerdywilliams

      Lil Wayne is not a rapper since 10 yrs ago dumb face, no one chekin for that fagg, he cant rhyme, nor does anyone care anymore, his mixtape is baaaad

    • D boy

      what the fuck are you smoking? I would love to have one of it, Lil wayne is no longer rapper since 10 years back.


      This same faggot ass stalker comments negatively on every Pusha – T post. Just mad because Pusha didn’t listen to his demo or pass it on to Kanye!!! That crack addiction is soooo strong, you call yourself “So Icy Boi” & we see where Gucci’s life is headed yet you want to be Lil Wayne’s #1 groupie, man you really are fucked up in the head, not to mention you look like MC Eiht’s bastard child!!!!!!
      Peace & Get Money!!!
      Mogul $$$ Game ’13!!

    • dillon r

      did u jus sign your comment “swag”? seriously?

    • travis lynch

      come on fam you know you dont believe yourself wayne cant fuck with push you got it the other way around

    • dahustler84
  • Hussle

    Ok no player??? how about YN and B.Dot stop their “promo run” on breakfast club and hot 97 and make sure their employees run the site properly?

  • OK

    back to 2dbz for me. rapradar is trash

  • Grammer

    PUSHA T ALBUM IS DOPE! ……………https://soundcloud.com/grammernc/goin-in

  • Sports 2 HipHop

    It gets no better than a Juan Ep podcast. Can’t wait for that Rap Radar vs Juan Ep.

  • Blackrushlimbaugh

    *41000 1st week sales*