Eminem “Berzerk” Goes Platinum


Crazy, Ain’t It?!

Eminem added another platinum plaque to his collection this week. In less than three months, his single “Berzerk”, crossed the one million mark. Push ya shit back, rappers. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is coming November 5th.

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  • LikeJordan45

    Top 5 worst singles ever to go platinum…gotta respect Eminem fans.

    • Word

      Y’all say that about EVERY Eminem single though. Figured y’all would be tired of making this EXACT comment every time it happens.

  • Dopedopedope

    I don’t understand why a single going platinum is big news.. Unless its an established artist like Shady or Drake it means nothing to a career. It only means that they had one hot song which we will then forget about. If they get a couple to go plat they will sell mad records(see macklefag even though his shit is preachy and appeals to hipsters/fags) seriously. Honestly. fuck singles. tell me when yur album hits 200,000 copies.( i aint even raggin on artists that aren’t trying for gold anymore since so many of them suck people know better than to purchase an album which has one hot song(tyga.. is there even one hot song? mac miller.. same?) hip hop/rap shit artists suck nowadays

    Check out a 16 year old chick from new zealand named Lorde(her song royals is dope talks about rap and its nonsense lying to people that every artist has a lambo or may bach or wahtever) tennis courts, ribs, glory and gore.. The chick is fly and she writes it all herself.. someone explained her beat style as trip hop but I think its deeper than that and the bass beats fucking hard but doesnt take over the songs like lex luger zaythoven and other trap beat makers or whatever)

    • LOL Dope’s Taste

      Lmao my god she is horrible…yeah…keep listening to that garbage brah

      • choco-prince


    • SL

      So you shit all over good established artists, then producers! Now you want us to listen to the rapper you’re promoting? That’s not the way to go about it man…

  • Public Hairs

    This album has zero buzz

    • Derrick

      has zero buzz? but its gonnna smash every album this year in sales. Eminem is the GOAT. Shady vs Everybody.

      • Public Hairs

        Maybe it will, but in this very moment, this album has NO kinda buzz. No one is talking about Em much.

        The suits will make sure his numbers are pretty though.

    • BS Detector

      You are one of the most ignorant human beings if you think the album has no buzz. Consider sticking to topics that you understand, kid.

      • Public Hairs

        After its initial announcement, no one was talking about it. Drake/Kendrick has been the hot topic. Keep up with the times youngin.

        • BS Detector

          Bout to take you to school home boy:
          Drake’s Facebook Page: 155,207 talking about this
          Eminem’s Facebook Page: 857,326 talking about this

          Boy get at me with your figures. Eminem hasn’t DROPPED his MMLP2 yet, Drake has actually dropped his, big difference.

          • Public Hairs

            You dumbass, Em’s been had them digits. He aint new here lol. No one is questioning Em’s long term status, just the status of his current album’s buzz which isn’t really shit.

            He’ll need another single to drop in order for people outside is core fanbase to care about the album.

          • BS Detector Wins

            I’ll educate you further:
            August 7th: ~250k Talking about Eminem

            August 14, 2013: Survival was premiered
            August 25: Announcement of the MMLP2 at VMAS

            September 2nd: 1M+ Talking about Eminem
            September 28th: 500k+ Talking about Eminem
            October 11th: 750k+ Talking about Eminem

            So he went from 250k -> 1M+ after Survival & Album Announcement…

            Here’s the chart chap: http://api.socialbakers.com/charts/fb-pages/people.html?id=45309870078&interval=last_6_months

  • Dashing28

    I like Em, but this going platinum confirms the point that plaques and sales shouldn’t be the defining what makes a great artist. This is the definition of supporting an artist because of their name. I should know, I bought it for that very reason as soon as it came out…but when it’s all said and done is this a significant hip hop song this year? Does this stack up against all of the material that’s come out this year that it has sold more than?


    • Dawg

      Yes, this is one of the best mainstream hip hop tracks to come out this year, but you’re good for questioning your own mind.

      • Dashing28

        I bought it off of the strength of the Eminem brand, like many did, I’m sure. but look at the rest of the comments below. I’m not the only one disappointed.

  • AJ

    wow.. how can you hate on someone going plat? It just means million other people liked the shit you didn’t like.. Simple!


    To all you idiots..Berzerk buries all singles dropped this year”LYRICALLY”Em fans understand the foemula.This is a good way to say hi im back BITCHES!You cats think Hip Hop is all about money and cars and bitches….Get a fucking clue already!SHADY BITCHES!!!!700,000 first week because US EM FANS KNOW MMLP2 will be FIRE!!!!

    • aintshit

      Lmao Wow you must of not listened to any hip-hop this year!

      • Dawg

        aintshit: must have not*

        • aintshit

          Nigga if you want to get technical your name should be spelled “dog” not “dawg” you illiterate peasant!

          • Dawg

            No. My spelling of ‘Dawg’ is intentional, yours is because you are an illiterate moron. Come again, kid.

          • aintshit

            So I’m illiterate but your grammar structure is horrible how are you putting a period after no?…..This is not grammar school retard!

          • Dawg

            It’s to add effect. Your mistake was huge, blatent and hilarious, and now you’re crying about it. You claim this isn’t grammar school, but you appear to be nitpicking everything I’ve said. You amuse me.

          • aintshit

            If you wanted to add effect add an exclamation point like this! Lol try again and keep thinking… your trying to hard for attention right now u must not be getting any from anyone you don’t get anymore responses bro

          • Dawg

            My work here is done. R.I.P.

  • Danial Parsa

    Congratz though it’s no surprise , you know Eminem can say a hello in a song and it goes platinum

  • ok

    This song went platinum not cause itwas great but more because its eminem

  • GreenBergs

    what’s the diff. between drake’s “hits platinum” and eminem’s “goes platinum”…hmm

  • Rock solid

    Some of y’all are dumb. Truly. This is REAL hip hop at its best.

    • CiNo

      It’s good Hip-Hop, but not at its best lol. I like it though.

  • Stoner

    Eminem,s Lyrical Formula Makes Him Sell…. That’s His Name… So Yes I Guess His Name Does Sell… Congrats Em… Keep Giving My Money’s Worth As Always!!!!!!

  • NEFF

    3 months?? i hate that rapradar always does Typos…….check before you post it

  • Bangers N Mash

    Shit is still pushing 100,000 a week.

  • HBLocal714

    Platinum? Marshall goes Diamond…and to the dumb guy who said MMLP2 will sell 100,000 its first week, how many dabs have you smoked? Em will sell 700,000 + its first week. This song is actually really dope… I bump it in my car. I’m ready to hear the next song on the album and hope Survival is a bonus track.

    • Dawg

      Amen. And I 100% agree on the point about Survival.

  • R


  • West West Yall

    Eminem Is REAL hip hop. All these DUMB drake and wayne ridding idiots. EMINEM IS THE GREATEST. GREATEST. Simple.

  • Eddie

    Shady vs. EVERYBODY
    facts. goat.

  • S7R8 HOOD

    em pushin his radio music right now , there will be more heavy stuff on his album

  • Stoner

    Extreme Lyrical Season Has Officially Begun…… AKA …. Shady Season………!! Go Extra Extra Hard Or Tuck Tail And Go Home….!!!

  • Marlow †

    my god eminem stans are delusional as fuck, this song doesnt suck but its not that good and no one is talkin about it stop being sheep and realize that numbers lie everyday,

    sincerely an honest eminem fan with awareness

    • Jay

      I’ll humour your comment.

      ‘No one is talking about it’

      Official Video
      – 132,000+ Youtube Comments
      – 31,531,004 Youtube Views
      – 1,000,000+ Record Sales
      – 423,000+ Youtube LIkes

      “Eminem Berzerk” on Google
      – 26,700,000 Google Search Results

      Now, given that he’s just dropped 2 new singles, here we are:
      – 857,326 talking about this (on Facebook)

      Facebook Page Posts
      – 349 Comments, 9,200+ Likes (iTunes Promotional Post)
      – 3,929 Comments, 141,700+ Likes (Behind the Scenes Bezerk)
      – 575+ Comments, 11,985+ Likes (UK Pre Order iTunes single)
      – 3,816+ Comments, 134,700+ Likes (Random picture hashtagged #berzerk)
      – 14,500+ Comments, 381,800+ Likes (Official Video Release)
      – 6,800+ Comments, 251,000+ Likes (Sneak peak vid)
      – 4,100+ Comments, 66,500+ Likes (Lyric Vid)

      and there’s hundreds of thousands more.

      When you speak, THINK about what you’re saying rather than regurgitating nonsense.

      Best regards,

      An Honest Eminem fan who looks at the facts and figures rather than riding my own emotional response / lack of brain power.

  • DumbassoftheWeek

    you cant stop the great white hope

  • Damn! Tells you a lot about the world we live in.