Lauryn Hill Pens Post-Prison Letter

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Everything Is Everything.

Lauryn Hill was back on the streets after being sprung from prison last Friday. Although her pen game was weak on “Consumerism”, she scribed this letter of recognition to her fans. 



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  • LuxuryRap

    dope…now drop another “miseducation of lauryn hill”

  • NY on the West

    When is the breakfast club interview with you and Elliot airing?

  • Tef

    “In Love And Freedom”…You know, I respect Lauryn’s mind, and her sort of revolutionary mindset, however, I was absolutely in love with this woman and all of her genius work post Sister-act, Fu-gee-la and Miss Education, hell, even unplugged, but she may be the only artist and object of my affection that I seriously just stopped giving a fuck about because of how she behaves. You go on hiatus, cool, you don’t pay taxes cool, take your fucking L’s. As smart as she is, she borders on coonish ignorance, preaching but not practicing. However, you leave the industry basically saying fuck your fans, and now everything you have to say is on some “educating the sheep” type shit, but you fucking up to the point where they’re taking your freedom?! If you’re so fucking smart, handle your business with your government and move to another country of your choosing. Since she’s so anti-industry and anti-Well, EVERYTHING, her name alone has the power to launch a fantastic market campaign for an independent project that real fans would support if the track list contained some actual trace of Lauryn Hill. She is hands down the most disappointing case of genius talent of our generation. My Verdict, maybe we should all stop hoping and buzzing for another Miseducation or dope project in general from this woman.

  • mac DIESEL


  • Dwight Stewart

    We want MUSIC not a letter or put this letter in your MUSIC! glad you’re home though.

  • EdithEGalindo

    ….Some time hit the rapradar Find Here