New Music: Grafh x Wiz Khalifa “Like Me”

like me-cover

Taylor Gang Addition?

Ain’t no nigga like Grafh. With that being said, here’s his latest leak featuring who could be his future boss. Says Grafh.

“I feel this song exudes a lot of confidence & self assurance. It was just me showing off. We were in LA in the studio, I played it for Wiz and he said ‘yeah thats the one.’ K.E. On The Track produced it. Wiz and I are also in talks about me signing to Taylor Gang. I hung out with Wiz & the crew a bunch of times. They’re all some cool ass dudes. I also have my own crew, Team Bang Dope Gang. We’re all about swag and talent. ”

“Like Me” is the first single of Grafh’s new project “Pain Killers: Reloaded”

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  • sad story =[ lol

  • SMH

    Team “Bang Dope” Gang…..SMH
    so now we got a “gang” for people that shoot heroin huh? cuz that’s what it means to “bang dope”…..a whole genre of music is soley for drug ADDICTS now, I remember when it was the Dealers and the Pushers that were glorified (not saying its right but just saying) and now its not the people who sell the drugs that are supposed to be cool….nah, now its the fucking Junkies that are cool. SMH Now its taking Molley and now “bang dope”…soon it’ll be Meth Gang. Nothing but a bunch of glorified junkies, thats all nothing less. what has happened to Hip-Hop?!?!?!?!

    • Fred Spliffstone

      Nah bro, they put it up there wrong. Team Bang and Dope Gang are not one collective name. It started out as Team Bang and as hip-hop groups all started to use gang he started saying Dope Gang. And even though he used to sell dope bro I think he is referencing to the music.

  • SMH

    and btw Grafh you ARE ATLEAST 35yrs old talking bout some SWAG…..SMH….nigga confused bout his age! Grafh you aint a 15yr old HS Student….but you can’t tell with that corny SWAG shit!
    Grown men should keep it clean and be fresh! …but swag? nah nigga, we aint on that bullshit!!

  • Fred Spliffstone

    But the better question is why is it the same beat as “Kemosabe” from Hustle Gang compilation that goes harder and already gained attention?

  • BardhIll

    just me or is the sound quality a little unprofessional?