New Music: Papoose “Pound Cake (Freestyle)”


Cash Still Rules.

Getting a few leftovers of Aubrey and Jay’s beat, Papoose helps himself to a slice with his latest freestyle.


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  • Chronic

    Will this motherfucker please go find his own beat for once and make a song that isn’t a freestyle

    • Mezz

      you wildin’ ! did you click play first???

      how can this freestyle be wack….keep it going Pap! do your thing

      • Chronic

        I never said it was wack, he came strong with the bars. Just pointing out that still to this day papoose had not made a single hit record. All he does is take someone else’s concept and beat and put his own lyrics to it.

  • LikeJordan45



  • 7figures

    god flow..pap going in BK stand up

  • It’s Just Music

    pap took jay-z’s entire flow and verse structure

  • DatPrettyMF

    i feel like pap reads these comments so i wont say anything mean but god damn

  • SpiltInk_21

    he has a great intellect about himself, but nobody listens anymore.. he is riding a wave off of other peoples beats however!

    not a bad freestyle doe

  • I Am

    pap jus released too much material…he had ny on smash for a year and a half…song with nas no knows about …etc…”prophecy” …”flashbacks” …”law library series” etc…all classic material…but he became an easy target cause he has also released alot of weak material. Also he came in when rap was changing so the game didnt embrace his style. Also the industry seems to clown him on purpose for whatever reason and shine an unfavorable light on him…there was a time I remember that alot of folks ONLY listened to Pap all day long literally…for dudes to say he doesnt go in is jus shows that dudes either dont know his past work or they have trash opinions…I would say he definitely lost his opportunity to be considered a legend and mismanaged his career tho…but he almost got there. I respect Pap even tho the hip hop culture has changed….also he chose to rap on some trash beats which also tarnished his resume. Either way this freestyle over Drakes beat here is strong music. Dudes that try and vent on my dude fuckoutta here…Pap has always made strong music and has been putting quality work in this shit ass industry for over a decade.

  • FAM1ST1982

    Son is nice bottom line just wish he would get that mainstream break the game is all about politics and this is his way of politicking

  • Starlion

    He a dumb fuck for going at Kendrick.
    He got bars freestyle wise though.

  • Starlion

    Nice but he needs to come with his own some day yo.

  • Starlion

    African is not a language. F**** ignant

  • King

    do you guys really not understand that papoose does not desire to be mainstream? he says shit that the mainstream media wouldn’t even think about allowing on the radio/tv. in this song he says “the dollar bill is fake” which none of you idiots know about im sure but still, pap is underground, that’s why he is looked down upon and hasn’t had a “hit single” yet. good artist