New Video: Wale “Simple Man”

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 12.33.16 PM


With cameos from Drake and J.Cole, Wale’s out in Toronto and keeps it pretty basic in The Gifted‘s new visual. Purchase the album here.

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Let’s talk about how there is only 3 artists on MMG that are actually signed to any type of record deal. And they are ALL horrible 360 deals

    Let’s talk about how Rockie Fresh, Stalley, Omarion, and anyone else on MMG is still unsigned without any distribution in place.(. Mmg is a middle man no distribution deal)

    Let’s talk about how Meek Mill can’t get a release date because he cant get a hit record spinning and the label won’t open up another budget

    Let’s talk about how noone on MMG has had a top 5 Billboard single in over 2 years.

    Let’s talk about how Tony Draper and E Cla## still are in Ross’s pockets and own a piece of the publishing as well…

    Let’s talk about how Jeezy is the VP of A&R at Atlantic that the only 2 artists from MMG are signed to…

    Let’s talk about how Ted Lucas owns 75% of Rick Ross’ publishing still…

    Let’s talk about how noone from MMG was on the Forbes List this year. Ya only needed to generate $5 milli. Which is really $900k…lol

    • SpiltInk_21

      lets talk about how much you are making compared to them?

      it really shouldn’t matter to you and if it does then you’re living your life based on other ppls earnings. Unless you’re like Pill and you’re trying to expose MMG haa

      please don’t hate my opinion, dope video btw.. rightt??

      • basedgenie

        Visualizing the realism of life and actuality

        Fuck who’s the baddest, a person’s status depends on salary

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    lets talk about how this new layout looks like source magazine, vibe and XXL threw up on cyber space tho!

    • lo doe


  • Michael Smith

    @CanYouAllHearMe:disqus Bruh did you really just copy Jaywan tweet and post it? U are a really a clown

    • LuxuryRap

      bruh, this ain’t like the old comment section on rapradar…you can actually reply back to people directly