Timbaland Previews New Drake & Jay Z Track


Know We Killing The Game.

Currently on the European leg of Jay’s Magna Carta Holy Grail tour, Timbaland treated the Birmingham crowd last night to an unreleased track featuring Drizzy and Hov. Luckily for us, a spectator was able to catch it on film.



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  • It’s Just Music

    even Jay knows Drake > J Cole lmfaoo

    • tlox

      lol…u wrong for that..but I agree

    • LesterDaMolester

      fuck outta here j cole would eat drake on the mic

      • It’s Just Music

        on what planet?
        apparently not if even Jay co-signs drake more.

        Drake has everything over cole. from production, subject matter (if you say all drake raps about is girls you are 1. a homo that wants songs about men 2. a hater since he raps about more than that), lyrics, and overall albums.

        cole will always be a poor man’s drake. power trip and crooked smile can easily be drake songs

        • LesterDaMolester

          you stupid bro subject matter better? have u listened to j cole songs apart from his singles the dude has alot of subject matter and serious subject matter that that effects people im not saying drake hasn’t but its suited to more about relationships but if drake and cole were to battle id say cole would win hes more complex with flows metaphorically too

          • It’s Just Music

            all j cole raps about is “how a guy from the ville got a deal” dedicates a whole song about letting nas down as if we can relate.

            dude is so over rated. everything about this guy is average.

          • LesterDaMolester

            well that jus proves u havent listened to his lyrics properly and ofcourse your suppose to relate to let nas down because u never fuckin met nas or let him down lool its a concept.. and drake started from the bottom? the bottom really nigga last time i checked living in a nice jewish house was not the bottom and most of his songs are just him serenading about an ex or a bitch ol save a hoe ass nigga

        • LesterDaMolester

          but anyways kendrick >>> j cole and drake

  • rayden allah


    • tlox


  • Mike

    Jay Z may have signed J. Cole but Cole is successful because of J. Cole. Niggaz can hate on him all they want but he’s one of the new artist doing numbers with out that Big time co-sign from Jay Z, you never really see Cole and Hov in pictures until recently. Cole produces 90% of his music and write 90% of his hooks/chorus/bridges. he’s not one of these artist oversaturating the internet with music and jumping on every hot single and he still remains relevant.
    @it_s_just_music:disqus J.Cole is better than Drake lyrically and Drake is better than Cole at making hits but Cole is closing that gap quickly

    • tlox

      He NEEDS to STOP producing his own shit though the best song I’ve heard him on was ‘Jodeci Freestyle’ and that was a different more experienced producer….think he needs to smarten up for that 3rd LP I hope Drakes producer can do something with him that would KILL

      • LesterDaMolester

        the best song u heard him on was jodeci ? u must of not heard many j cole songs..

      • lovehiphopdebate

        have you heard his mixtapes and albums?

      • Illverse

        Drake needs new production himself to be honest. I can understand that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach but we’re 3 albums in now and it’s been the same album from Drake 3 times. I think he needs to get out of that mid-tempo zone he loves so much. I think production that made him challenge himself more would bring out the best in him.

      • brza

        “Grown Simba”

    • It’s Just Music

      cole sucks at making hits. power trip was all miguel, crooked smile is all TLC.

      cole can’t make a good album.

      i played Born Sinner I damn near fell asleep.

      dude is so monotone and so average. he doesn’t have presence or anything. he just sounds like a random dude rapping.

      in face dude always has to mention Jay or something since he’s that average.

      he even has a song expressing how disappointed he is in letting another grown man down.

      • Gilgamesh

        Ok i’m not the only one who felt that way about Born Sinner… very good album but not great, it was way too long. 21 tracks was way too much considering that the concept was the same for 70% of the album, had he cut it down to 14-15 with either New York Times or I let Nas Down as 2nd or 3rd singles…could have probably been a classic album. talented dude for sure, but there’s just something extra thats missing.

    • Mr. Starr Vision

      I Think You Nailed It…Even Though I Do Think Bars Wile Drake May Have Cold, Because Drake’s Bars Are So Non Predictable, But Cole Has That Pac Effect Where You Just Feel What He’s Saying Where As Drake Just Sounds Like He’s Rappin…But I Think You Hit It On The Head.

  • Boiled_Egg_fart

    Drake and Wayne = Drayne…..which means Drained

    Drake and Jay the new shit

  • ovo

    He dick rides drake and shits on j.cole… smh like cole said “thanks for the opportunity brother” thats all

    • LesterDaMolester

      cole doesnt need to ride jay dick hes doin great on his own

      • tlox

        but if Jay collabed with J Cole ur’re ass would be crying tears of joy..smh

        • LesterDaMolester

          incase u been sleepin they already collabed twice..

          • tlox


  • tlox

    facts are Drake pretty much on Jay standards..fuck all your feelings business is business, strictly financial…You don’t see Drake doing lil Wayne features anymore do you?

  • Mike

    this dude just said drake has more subject matter than cole? foh, i like drake and most of his songs are about relationships, cole is much more relatable, striving for success, personal struggles, education, etc.

    • sam

      but drake speaks abouts those other subjects too,

  • Rick Harris

    tight azz drums

  • haann

    Drake the new king of the game, this verse gonna be epic

  • Dominatrixxx

    Miss this

  • Thatdude

    J Cole needs to indeed get some new production. It’s not that his production doesnt sound nice, its more so it sounds the same. When he works with different producers I believe that is where he shines the most. I think some of his creative juices are exhausted when he is constantly doing EVERYTHING himself. As you can see, Kanye’s career really didnt take off until he started working and collaborating with other producers….LATE REGISTRATION and more so Graduation! Sidenote: Just Blaze needs to come back ASAP. The DJ experiment is cool and all but we need that Just Blazer fire…the game needs it.

  • DaJuan

    Can we get this song though…?