Kanye West On Jimmy Kimmel Live!



Following their minor dispute a few weeks ago, Kanye sat on Jimmy’s couch last night to discuss the situation, his run-ins with the paparazzi, fatherhood, fashion and more.

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  • Viva Yeezy. Ol’ emo ass n*gga!

  • Mr double B

    I’m from Suriname and we do not have these type of celebs, but if he wants the world around him to challenge him, lets do it. not to make him more money but to challenge him to create more jobs, lets be honest without him no Pusha T and no ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

  • aintshit

    You could tell Ye’ didn’t want to be there….He had to make that appearance cause he broadcasted himself to look crazy all over twitter and on t.v

    • Dashing28

      I disagree. Yeezy doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. No one could make him do it.

      I do think he wanted to clarify his Zane Lowe interview because 1) the beef with Jimmy Kimmel minimized the point of the interview 2) Jimmy Kimmel has a bigger audience than Zane Lowe 3) his “beef” with Jimmy wasn’t that serious to him.

      He was able to reiterate what he said in the interview and, for the most part, did it in a more controlled (i.e. less crazy-sounding) way than in the Zane interview. Everything he said made a lot of sense.

      • aintshit

        I feel you but at the same time like he said he has his thoughts integrity and his dreams to protect imagine if he never explained himself in this interview he would feel as he lost the battle with media…which he explains is what he tries hardest to do is to poke fun and dismantle the media.

        Like jimmy said he brings all this on himself if he really wanted to he could start his own brand and start from the bottom like all these designers did why does he need any of these big fashion heads to back him??

        if he feels hes a creative genius and his product and name is gonna sell regardless. Its better to show someone your great instead of keep telling someone your great!

  • YeeZus


  • LesterDaMolester

    kanye got that “i wanna fuck you up but the cameras rollin” laugh goin on here

  • LesterDaMolester

    kim kardashian and walk of fame? nigga what ?! for what really….when theres so many other names that deserve it

    • Dashing28

      Let’s be real. There are a lot of people that have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including the Backstreet Boys, Judge Judy, Vanna White, Michael Bolton…

      Say what you will about Kim Kardashian. But she single-handedly dominates an entire network(E!) and has built a massize entertainment/media brand. If Vanna White has a star for flipping letters on WOF, Kim Kardashian should have one.

      • LesterDaMolester

        well maybe vanna white doesnt… but who the fuck cares kim rose to fame from gettin her pussy destroyed but Ray J no matter how u word it

        • Dashing28

          And Tim Allen was a cocaine dealer that got locked up before he got on Home Improvement. And he’s got a star. Who the fuck cares?

          Honestly, how many sex tapes and nude photos have “leaked” from celebrities? And how many of them have created the media empire that the Kim Kardashian has? How’s Ray J’s career doing??? How about Paris Hilton?

          Obviously she’s doing something right since she’s one of the most famous people in the world and has one of the highest rated shows on cable TV.

          It’s easy to dismiss her(I don’t like her either), but she’s stays winning, while fools stay talking about her…

          • LesterDaMolester

            home improvement was the shit lol im not dissin her for what shes doin now im jus sayin fact is she dont deserve no star and quite few others probably dont but the fact is shes big because she fucked ray j on video simple.. regardless of what shes doin now

          • Dashing28

            Are you really making the point that anyone who had sex to get into Hollywood shouldn’t be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Half of the names wouldn’t even be there.LOL.
            I get it. It’s Kim Kardashian. She’s an easy punch line, but the sex tape was released nearly 7 years ago. How many celebrities have come and gone since then? Since then she has raised her net worth to $40 million, not from the tape, but from marketing herself and her family well enough to have like 10 shows and specials on E and dominating the cable ratings. Is a leaked sex tape really worse than going to jail for selling cocaine?

          • LesterDaMolester

            what part did i say its worse than the other things…

          • LesterDaMolester

            i said maybe tim allen and who the fuck ever shouldnt on the star fame blah blah blah but my topic was kim K so thats who i was discussin this aint a tim allen post

          • LesterDaMolester

            and sex sells fact jus look at miley cyrus nobody gave 2 fucks bout her until she deciding to act promiscuous and dance like a slut at the awards

          • Dashing28

            actually she amassed her fortune of $150 million before all of this. so obviously a lot of people cared about her before this, but that’s beside the point…

  • jt3000

    Sorry but this dude sounds like a gay man when he starts on his fashion shit. Standing up to Chicago gangs, yea right kanye keep telling yourself your hard with you silk pants on.

  • The Association of Chronos

    Damn Gemini’s. They always leave me stuck when they really, REALLY express what is on they’re mind and how the feel (Ex:Tupac)…. Anyway, after this interview, and the other one with Zane, I can honestly say he may be the only, and at this rate the way Business is now sleeping in the same bed with the Industry, the last Artist to actually speak his mind (Mainstream / Hip-Hop wise). Em was this dude at a certain point but, even as a Em fan I can admit he has toned down a lot but, we know what he has been through so, his mindset is valid. Say what you want about Kanye but, you can’t lie that the dude speaks about what is on HIS mind, and I’m sure a lot of other people minds as well. Don’t just think its all about Fashion and music that he is talking about. To quote Ross its “Deeper than rap”. Much deeper than just even his music or himself as a person. I’m sure people thought Pac was crazy when he was around. But now look at how he is celebrated…. Great interview

    • vee

      I’m a gemini…even born on the same day as Ye. We contradict our selves daily,but we always speak the truth and very passionate.

    • swaggkingcole
  • LOL

    this nigga Kanye is a female for real, Jimmy Kimmel would probably beat the shit outta this fool.

  • Reggie
  • HeyBuddy

    It seemed like two men came together to clear the confusion made by their “beef”.

    As far as the interview, Kanye never has enough time to ever get his ideas or what he has on his chest off. It was a descent interview. But not the right setting. But I did like the comment towards the paparazzi “don’t ever think for one second I’m not from Chicago”. Boy still hood. You can take ’em out the hood, but can’t take the hood out of them. I hear ya!

  • ayyye

    Kanye is that nigga!

  • Seb

    Kanye is probably the most awkward person I’ve ever seen.. I’m a Yeezy fan but man, he looks so uncomfortable. He might not want to be there at all, but at least try to cover that up..

  • LesterDaMolester

    lmao part 6 this nigga name dropped jesus like hes a celeb

  • @livemytruth


  • Kanye’s fearless who nowadays goes head to head with a comedian these guys make jokes for a living…..others would have avoided being on LIVE TV…you must commend that man for always speaking his mind…..this is what civil rights activist did back in the day……he’s the modern civil rights activist….there’s many other activist but none of them are even on this platform…..having the sincerity to bring controversial unequal acts to the forefront cuz it’s real

  • mac DIESEL


  • Starlion

    that was powerfull

  • Novakaine

    kanye needs a hugs …you need cool stuff

  • tmb

    lmao he aint lying in that last one, he been this way. i remember when they tried to punk him and take that touch the sky film lol he snatched that shit and was bout run away through the desert

  • bmt

    you can tell in the last one when he starts leaning back in the chair, that he’s getting comfortable and you better just get ready for the ride cuz there’s no stopping that train now lol read somewhere the band for that night didnt even have time to perform

  • the real

    How many f*ckin parts do they need b!

  • Dominatrixxx

    Miss this shit

  • Father Jah

    I LOVE what he has to say but that fake as female vocal tone he’s using recently is WACK!!! – fatherama (hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!)

  • Da Business

    I fux w/ Ye but he has to chill.

    @ Rap Radar

    I’ve been fucking w/ y’all from the jump. Been a YN fan since XXL(the good ol’ days). Tho I’m still getting use to the new lay out, I fux w/ it. My beef tho(and maybe someone out there can help me out) is the whole Disqus situation. W/ the old layout I was able to subscribe to the site and receive updates on everything that was posted. Either I can’t or I haven’t figured out how to do it w/ the new set up, and it’s killing me.

  • MrHeat

    Oke damn…. First ever i see Kanye makin sense! He really does sound like a human being and makes me like him as a person. I still think his music kinda sucks but he got me when it comes to thinkin creative and just flippin the bird on shit you dont like and dont stand for. Kanye: +1m points!

  • Burakumin

    more respect for ‘ye after this interview than the last. He looks more human here than asshole. He’s got a valid point. Shit he says is outrageous. but even more so if you take it out of context.

  • Mar.Man