• I Run This…..

    The artwork looks low budget..couldnt he get a decent graphic design..smh

    • GreenBergs

      son you are talking about dj kay slay…

  • jp917636

    Classic HipHop Cover….

  • LikeJordan45

    Top 5 worst t-shirts of the year

    • mayor187

      shirt cost as much as a niggas rent…. by exclusivegame

      • LikeJordan45


  • OhWORD

    LOL this nigga Kay Slay act like he still in the 90s. Bruh we got photoshop and other tools for better covers.

  • You’re Better Than That

    Before I express anything, let me be clear in saying Kay Slay is a legend in this game w/o question but that shirt looks like a bootlegger sold it to him outside of a “Watch The Throne” concert & the whole single cover itself looks like a flyer for a party back in 88.


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