• CanYouAllHearMe



    Mac Disel fake famous now.

  • GreenBergs

    the radio play complete bullshit..

    • tlox

      the radio plays wat the public wants…stay irrelevant and cop that Nelly album..foh

  • LuxuryRap

    Why the hell are you wearing a durag?

    • Truu

      Umm it’s B.Dot? New to Rapradar aren’t you?

      • LuxuryRap

        not at all…i just wanna know why

    • G.LUV

      durag is better then skinny jeans!

  • dafuk

    is this dude really wearing a durag outside the house? wtf…

  • Santigo

    Most influential in a negative way. Hip Hop needs to oust Complex & Pop Radar. They’re using dick riding as a form of transportation.

  • shame

    Mac Diesel wins!

  • Reggie
  • LesterDaMolester

    Bdot ol durag wearin ass nigga you let nas down..

  • Public Hairs

    One topic they covered was Kendrick vs Drake

    Of course Elliott was the first to bring up the Jay vs NaS battle AND of course doesn’t think Drake should respond, YET talks about “documenting hip hop culture” when BATTLE RAPS ARE A BIG PART OF HIP HOP CULTURE!

    Elliott relies on the stats game too much and it really showed here. You never hear him talk about the “feel” of what he perceives as good music.

  • Public Hairs

    Oh and both Elliott and B. Dot believe Drake is the best rapper out…………based on the fact that his songs are played everywhere lol.

    • tlox

      Numbers don’t lie and the public have spoken

      • Public Hairs

        Yea numbers dont lie at all. They ABSOLUTELY speak for themselves. People/machines dont handle numbers or anything…………at all smh.

      • LesterDaMolester

        numbers dont lie? im not even gonna sound like im hating but fact is dude is gonna do alot more numbers when he got just as many females buyin the album too aswell as dudes lets face it bitches want some shit they can either sing along too or nod their head to thats it…most them aint got a fuckin clue who rakim is or any origins of hip hop

  • Sealey

    Please pick another design for this site. It is annoying. If I didn’t have a habit of checking this site I would have moved on the minute the screen loaded.

    • Myke Wayne

      I Disagree. I love the new layout

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    YN got a mohawk?

  • Dan Karlin

    I’ve been frequenting Rap Radar for the last few years, and I’ve seen the site shift from a traditional hip hop blog where there were biases involved, but they didn’t come off as extreme or overpowering of the actual content, to basically ‘The Adventures of YN and B.Dot, featuring some Rap Music!’ It’s a double-edged sword, in my opinion.

    On one hand, putting a couple faces/figureheads to the website personifies it, in the sense of “okay, these are a couple journalists’ viewpoints and reactions to the current hip hop scene”, which gives a bit more validity to some of the biased or side-taking content. I also respect how B.Dot regularly interacts with the commenters (his sort-of feud with Mac Diesel IS kind of funny, honestly) and defends his standpoint when he needs to. On the other hand, it gets kind of intense whenever something new from Jay-Z comes out, because you can almost exactly predict what the site’s reaction to it will be.

    Good interview, you guys. As you were.

  • Pete Knoxx

    i wanna like elliot wilson but dude is just wayyy too corny and annoying, i like this site less after watching this interview…we need younger people talkin bout hip hop

    • aintshit

      Word we need a hip hop site that appeals to the youth of this generation…Not these old niggas who keep bringing up shit in the past that not even relevant these days!

      • LuxuryRap

        Envy kept bringing up old sh*t lol

        • aintshit

          Forreal though look at the way these niggas are dressed…even the way they speak none of them portray what hip hop is today and what the younger generation has brought to hip hop! These niggas are corny

          • G.LUV

            this niggaz now a days is wearing tight jeans that is not cool..nut huggers is not cool!

      • G.LUV

        your favorite rapper sucks tho u young bastards!!

        • LuxuryRap

          Kanye West is the GOAT tho

          • G.LUV

            yea he’s the goat in wearing skinny jeans!!! shut up you 90’s baby!

          • aintshit

            whos wearing skinny jeans? that was mad years ago….Niggas who wear du rags are corny period…G.LUV your opinions dont matter cause theres nothing softer than a nigga named GLUV!

          • G.LUV

            i aint sayin i wear durags n shyt or defending him but stop promoting skinny jeans n wack rappers…whats your name gangsta????

  • aintshit

    No matter what interview it is…..Charlamagne always brings up drake…If hes not the greatest or hes not doing the most why does he keep bringing him up?

    • LuxuryRap

      Kanye too

    • Rena

      I love the Breakfast Club interviews but yes he brings up Drake like he’s on commission. He is getting more and more obsessed with him as time goes on.

  • iknow

    This is the Best rap website . Period. Power 105 is the Best Hip hop
    Radio Show .Period. Iknow.

  • Noe/Edub

    Bdot even if you want your waves to spin like the Earth, you don’t need to rock the Doo Rag out of the house. I know ya momma taught you better than that. YN needs to set a dress code for Rap Radar media appearances.

  • LesterDaMolester

    haha mac diesel u famous now nigga

  • LesterDaMolester

    mac diesel got speech and everythin prepared

  • du rag

    damn bdot. you cant dress, youre a dickrider and mac diesel is your daddy.

  • hands

    wow you guys are all clowns. magna carta is super wack and everyone knows it. yeezus is the best album of the year and the best album of kanye’s career so far. just wait ten years you’ll see how it lasts.

    • LesterDaMolester

      most of yeezus was just noise pollution

  • d venchi

    Elliot is deluded NWTS best rap album?? Come on nigga

    • haann

      easily the best this year

      • d venchi

        Easily? Born Sinner is a more complete body of work, plus Pusha T’s album is fire!

      • tlox


  • haann

    Drake > Kendrick

  • haann

    great rap debate, at the end of the day kendrick is more lyrical then drake is but drake is the more complete of the 2 of them, but if drake responds hes going to come with a stay schemin type record something thats gonna play in the club and that kendrick will have to hear every night he goes out to get a bigger impact , its not gonna be some diss record all directed towards kendrick, just a verse on a hot club song

  • G.LUV

    u have a mohawk nigga thats not cool ….dickryders do what rappers do!!!!im from the streets ,all rappers take our styles!!!! dem niggaz can keep dem mohawks n tigh jeans!!! Queens boro get da money!!!

  • bellabelle

    he said if he listens to NWTS too much he’ll start lactating, lol!

  • G.LUV

    yo elliot when you gon help your bro steven wilson come out???

  • uberfunny918

    DJ Envy’s clothes looking like it it was painted on.

    Erica Mena was into that style?

  • G.LUV

    that 3 u throwin up better be for 31st ave

  • random observer

    damn, no mention of eskay or nahright.com… it was all good a week ago..

    • theconnect718

      theres just too many websites and blogs to mention

  • haann

    you gotta remember how bias breakfast club is of drake since he doesnt really come up there and fuck with there show, they gotta bad talk him

  • brollya

    a i love dis conversation man….. now dis is a rap debate…. love it

  • They get to get a better video player for The breakfast Club

  • mac DIESEL


    • black jack johnson nyc

      u a herb b ju heard ?

  • Dominatrixxx

    Even if they dont make a site for underground artists they could still feature an unsigned hype style segment like maybe idk ONCE a week? makes sense to me

  • Dominatrixxx

    Where is the love for this

  • Sati

    Kendrick is a great rapper, and he’s known as the best now. Drake is long term, drake will be relevant in 10 years

  • Llort Amai

    Envy don’t respect the RR tam’s opinions bro bros. Lululululul.

  • Llort Amai

    y B.Dot look like a black Platypus tho?

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    dope interview.

  • Gord

    Elliot is wrong about Drake having the belt. If his concept of whoever is relevant at the time were to be true, then Pac and Big wouldnt be debated as to who is the GOAT. Pac holds the belt imo and Kendrick is the closest that’s came to getting it. Drake will always be remembered as the guy with emotions when it comes to Rap/Hip-Hop. Great ARTIST but not the best RAPPER. This site is called RAP Radar…

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    Drake does have the belt, you have to give credit where it’s due, I have been saying this all along.

  • GreenBergs

    why yn and b dot speaking for drake though?

  • Memphis Bleek

    Loving B. Dot’s head-wear, tho.

  • Estaban Hotep

    MORE OF THIS PLEASE. Nobody shouted out The Smoking Section though.. strong contender

    • Myke Wayne

      I’m scared of TSS getting too big. They’re the best easily.

  • Jack la greg

    YN is crazy Drake Albums doesn’t even come close to Jay-Z album.. when it come to Drake’s rapping ability he is by far this generations Best but his singing is horrendous. Case in point in any other era accept this one (last ten Years) Drakes singing would be for demo purposes only not records for release to the public.. We have become so use to mediocrity that a season music Vet such as YN Would Consider drake singing good Music.. I’m riding with Charlemagne on this one…

  • Brown Sparta

    Like seeing these two out and about. These charts are huge move too. Right now its just a list, but itll soon demand respect.

  • Da Business

    @ Rap Radar

    I’ve been fucking w/ y’all from the jump. Been a YN fan since XXL(the good ol’ days). Tho I’m still getting use to the new lay out, I fux w/ it. My beef tho(and maybe someone out there can help me out) is the whole Disqus situation. W/ the old layout I was able to subscribe to the site and receive updates on everything that was posted. Either I can’t or I haven’t figured out how to do it w/ the new set up, and it’s killing me.

  • Daryl

    All im gonna say that if drake was never wheelchair jimmy or If drake was in LA or NY instaed of Canada he honestly might not have been here. I have trouble believing that he could have caught that shine in a true melting pot of hip hop.

  • Realist

    they didnt even mention 2DOPEBOYZ?!

  • Lester Bangs

    The dynamics of this interviews is reflected on the web site too.
    B Dot just happy to be there, YN TOO HAPPY to be there.

    Angela Yee still has the worst voice & stupidest comments ever

    <—–click on the icon & let's argue on Twitter

  • TonyP

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